Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Meals on Wheels

I got the call.  I'm SO glad.  I feel a lot of relief as this next step is finally happening.   I chose the Monday through Friday option for now, which can be adjusted.  As Dad's disposable income is basically nill, he has the lowest rate being charged, which is $5.35/week for one hot meal and one cold meal for 5 days/week.   "Can he do this much?"  The woman was really nice.   We'll have to pay this much, cuz it really is a huge discount, anyway, from what those meals would cost, it's a basic need at truly minimal cost.  Tthey charge at the end of the month for the previous month, so I don't even have to come up with this now.

It's just her and her supervisor, and I believe it was her supervisor whom I talked with the week before Thanksgiving.  Nice woman just busy, said she'd call me back and I guess it got lost.   My fax from last week got there twice, lol.   That's how the woman today called me, to go over many of the details on there.   She couldn't read some of it, which I understand!, such as why I can't fix him twice daily meals nor can my brother.   (The application is a couple pages long, with many details asked for, financial breakdown, medical information, emergency contacts, etc. etc.)

They will just add my father to their route in his neighborhood, after getting him set up in their computer system and getting him a folder.  

I was to see Dad at lunch yesterday, but I was busy with M and with getting him some food I charged and more paper towels, and today, but work interfered with a lunch break plus then I talked with this woman on the phone.   I will have a lot of work there at his home again, basic cleaning stuff that I know is bad as I didn't get there this past weekend.   Clean off one of the chairs in his living room so if a visitor has time to chat at all.   This woman knows that he may not always be in clean clothes, she didn't seem phased when we talked about his needs and abilities.   I hope their drivers are truly familiar with those with dementia and the aged.   She said it's okay for him to ask each of the visitors if they'll bring in his mail for him.   This will also be a good backup for the newspaper, which is usually brought up from the end of his driveway by a dog walking neighbor.   

I'm hoping thatthis is a good thing:)  If so, wow, what a help this will be for me.



  1. I have known people who use the meals on wheels organization, and they had no complaints. the food they received each day was very tasty. I wish you the best of luck with it.

  2. It is such a nice feeling and a relief when another part of the plan comes together. ~ Mike

  3. I am so glad they are doing this for your Dad!  Where I at, they don't charge at all if you don't have a lot of money.  Or sometimes they charge one dollar a meal.  Hmmm.