Friday, January 5, 2007

Hello? What? Is this Spring?

I'm no longer "underwater."   I can hear, but not perfectly.   Then again, I think my age and history means I'll never ever hear "perfectly" again:)   Some ring tone that's apparently obnoxious and designed originally to scare away teens from stores, I cannot hear.  

The nurse at work grabbed me when I walked in yesterday, "Robin, I need to talk with you.  Robin, I looked at your chart......"  Uh-oh.  My ears haven't hurt much, but I HAVE walked by there a couple times over the past month or so, and she noted some things in my chart.  "You MUST call your doctor today."  So, I did.  My medical card is dropped accidently, and I can't hear what the receptionist says while I pick it up.   Typical for my week.  A 2:00 p.m. appointment and I'm seen around 3:00 p.m., which for them is on the better side, I forgot, even if I NEVER wait that long at ANY other medical office.  I remind myself he's a good man, just disorganized in the office, and I have a chart here, a history of ENT.   And sometimes, free samples when I've been the most strapped financially, once declining to pick up an Rx so instead I could get M groceries / food.   The intern sees me first, nice woman.   Anyway, wax-free (not a lot especially for never having been "flushed" before in 45 years, a weird procedure), yet still today trying to get the Rx called in.   I verified the pharmacy # before I left it, calling back today took a good 15 minutes or so, plus other back and forth calls.   My ear hurt more hanging on the phone so long, after I now have basic hearing back. 

Earlier this week, coming home from M's dance class and a quick casual dinner out with friends, I heard the dj announce tickets for the 10th caller......   I could have sworn she meant for the Goo Goo Dolls.   M in the backseat, seeing me trying to call in, tried for me on her cell phone, getting through!   She was the 10th caller!  NOT the Goo Goo Dolls, albeit the same venue.   LOL.   They had to speak to someone 21 years or older.  Thankfully, I like the band and could exclaim appropriate surprise for their snip of a recording on the air.   M is VERY excited.  It's on a night she's with her father, and I'm still verifying that the other songs they have are alright for her (the show itself is an all-ages show).   Besides, the sound check party would be completely fine, I would imagine.   I really like their cleverly-written lyrics, and the one song even sounds upbeat, almost belaying the lyrics.   We shall see!   Not even positive C would switch nights.

Rain rain all day, warm mid-60's rain.  It feels like Spring.   We're underwater, sure, warm wet.   Glad we didn't plan any ski trips.  Tomorrow will be in the 70'sF.  I wondered if my ear trouble could have been wax combined with allergies, plus that cold M and I had shared.   Nope, I don't have allergy troubles when it rains, and usually not in the Winter at all.   We haven't really had Winter, though.

Last night, I joked with M, "Do you want to see the cherry blossoms this weekend?"  They've started, or so I've heard in the local news.  Daffodils are starting out at her dad's.   Where is the snow?   Where is WINTER?   I don't mind Spring, other than the pollens readallergens, but, but, I want Winter, too!

I send a link to a great, scientific ozone hole / global warming-related site to Mr. L (M's science teacher).   He's all excited for his weather and energy unit.   Another parent says she's sitting in yoga pants, me in just a sweater and no jacket, and it's NOT global warming?   Welllllllll sure seems possible.   Or, is it part of a natural cycle, within the normal fluctuations?   Polar bears possible to be listed as endangered with correlation to global warming.   The US has been slower to embrace "The Inconvenient Truth" (and yes, Mr. L offered for me to borrow that dvd which I gladly took him up on). 

Last night, the moon appeared to still be full, starting to not be, huge and yellow and did I say HUGE and almost FULL in the sky, dark grey behind the moon, the moon apparently illuminating the black, with woods of barren black trees silhouetted in front.   Very cool watching it go by while on the highway........ 

Yesterday, a new Congress convened.   We'd gotten an invitation to the swearing in (wow!!) but couldn't attend, okay, the next door room with the televised swearing in.   Still.  We like our Congressman Chris Van Hollen, even if he defeated a very good Congresswoman Connie Morella a few years back.  (I used to be in Steny Hoyer's district, and thrilled he's still doing well in Congress, also!)  The local world is starting to buzz again.  M asks this a.m. if this means I'm getting paid again.  I try to re-explain in 3 sentences or less just what a Continuing Resolution means and what's been done for THIS year.  "Oh, that's better than just a fiscal year, right, Mom, doesn't that end in, like, September?"   My little smarty, knows just enough, absorbing still.  I'll point out to her tonight that the new House Speaker is a woman.  I didn't think twice about it, until I read Nancy Peloisi is the FIRST woman Speaker of the House.   Ah, and the first Muslim in Congress, being sworn in on the Quran owned by Thomas Jefferson.   How cool is that, special permission from the Library of Congress, was walked over and back.  A bit of history, again.   The world moves forward, our nation diverse, and better reflection of that in this Congress than in past ones.

Tonight it's a light grey sky, this morning would have been wonderful for sleeping in.   M may be finished working on Chance, some therapeutic riding to help him improve, or walking him, not clear which or both.   He even visited a horse chiropractor (sp) over his winter break, who also uses some accupuncture.   The Barn Directress says it's a growing field in our area.   Talking through his symptons and snapping back into place, etc., sounds like just what Chance needed.   M is thrilled to spend time there again, being none were to spend much at the barn there this week. 

Tonight's also the dance troupe's "post holiday party."   It should be fun:) and, I think M and I are both thankful it's being held after the mad rush of December.   Even if we were STILL searching for a suitable red frame last night (only started 2? months ago, and looking everywhere).   The Dad of the boy hosting this is a musician, and encouraged people to bring instruments for a session.   Yes, I have a pennywhistle, yes, I've taken lessons, no, NO ONE wants to hear me try to play it, lol.  I dance better than I play a penny whistle. 

Tomorrow, oh, the pleasure of a Saturday with nothing planned.   Hanging.   Her homework (how come a child who scores in the 99th percentile nationwide for her age in writing skills and other skills related to that, gets a 66% on a literary analysis, well, glad she's being challenged but we talked about her talking w/ Mo today about it, as M's not understanding this assignment, admittedly combined with her knowing that a sentence "sucks" and it's not her best as she had SO SO SO many projects due thee same day).  In the 70's.   I'll be on an Rx by then, Daisy's been loving having M home and the weather and will get a nice long walk.   Perhaps my overdue New Years one:)

Oh, just remembered, M has her package from Beth waiting at the Post Office!   See ya.

Dag, and the water at my father's.   New problems with that.  Oy, Doug and I were to talk again today about how to handle it all.   Maybe still a bit underwater.


  1. Glad to hear that your hearing is better.  "Can you hear me now?" ;) ~ Mike

  2. The weather has been something else hasn't know my ear has been bothering me for awhile now..Carlie too..we went the dr and we both have an infection... mine is not getting any better the meds are gone and I am worried about hers too...hope she gets over it and it was not some virus..We had the warm wet too...but not the 60's darn it!  Hugs, TerryAnn