Sunday, January 14, 2007

So, now he wants July 4th instead. Switching a regular overnight for a holiday (instead of the more logical switch of another weeknight instead, at least IMHO, or maybe those aren't so easy for him?).

?). After being declined for a holiday he's not going to be around for, anyway, which is what slays me, and the overnight. He's grasping here, lol. I told him that he's apparently able to switch that particular night, just figuring out which one. Sheesz.

Well, the overnight portion of July 4th. M is scheduled to be with him that day, from 9am until 8pm. Which I thought was a joke when proposed by his lawyer, every/other Independence Day only until 8pm, not for fireworks? My lawyer said not to bring it up, nor that the other holidays (except Christmas Eve) are until 6pm and not overnights, as that'd mean an automatic additional e/o year overnight. Um, okay then. So I didn't.

Albeit, that is a good thing for this year if I can use it as leverage.

And she and I continue our traditions with our celebration of Independence Day. Except I'd hoped to switch it for Labor day perhaps this year, as a big youth group trip is that same week.......... that Youth Pastor needs another advisor for and it's a GREAT week trip M could really use and so I couldmaybe go with her meaning she'd go....

Ah, well. I told him I had to talk with her first, which will tick him off possibly. Oh, well. It's HER life we're talking about:) We have plans every Independence Day. Always have. Our holiday, her favorite.

Even if she'll likely want her horseback riding camp which only fits in, cuz of visitation schedules, for that 2 week period. (He's continued to not work with me about camps that go over into another week.) But it does make sense for her to stay over there that night. I just have to laugh at him. Maybe he's testing to see just how badly the night of the concert means to me.

. I know she's very eager to go to the concert:) But, I do wish to run some of this by her first. She's old enough for "basic" stuff (and input) at this point in her life.

Well, he did agree last year to get her to some of the days of her dance troupe camp (not clear if he thinks I paid for it or not; I didn't as she was with him that week), but this is new, and he otherwise hasn't worked with me about camps. Maybe, as I wait year after year:) maybe, this will be an improvement this year? Even him saying he's found something that's multiweek, fine. Ah, well. Three, no, four sets of summer information is outnow.

So I wait yet again for C. I'd also let him know that he is still, obviously, welcome to come join in the trail clearing with M if he wishes to and is able to get off work for a couple hours. To please let me know.

. (Partially, I really don't mind and I want him to know that, and partiallly, this is to confirm his dropping her off, without quite that edge of "fighting." Sometimes lately, he's flat out refused to bring her back trying to insist I pick her up, and yet doesn't discuss it, nor let me know that this particular time (whenever the time)

, I don't want her late for this thing, and I don't want fighting. He's not consistent with his "ruling," either, nor will he clarify for me when I asked. Hmm.

I wait to hear from her, I'll try calling her again. I hope Md stayed over:) I wait to see M, to talk with her again. To give her a hug, and don clothes and footwear for the muddy trails. Maybe there are tools at Dad's I can borrow. Maybe she won't have too much homework left over. A day to ourselves, ah, that'll be nice.

Minutes ago, I also waited for the banana nut muffins. I thought I was making Dad banana nut BREAD, until I'd mixed all the ingredients in the exact amounts for MUFFINS. Hmmm. Betty Crocker, like my late Grandma Betty, knows, though.

. Muffins are best for him, and easier for M's lunch, too, and me to grab:) I'd saved two bananas to add growing ever riper. The muffins are smelling real good now as they cool.

And I wait to hear more on a withdrawal I'm anxiously awaiting...... wow. An updated status today from Friday. I can't imagine they work weekends, nor Federal holidays, so happy to hear this stage confirmed, and I'm to re-call back in 2 more business days. Maybe, just maybe this will come quicker than they had estimated.

And I wait for tomorrow, hear how it goes with my friend who is helping me with the one financial situation that's being a royal pain, and the lawyer. (Hence why the withdrawal.) Actually, I will call him.

Tomorrow, or too late tonight to still go out, being I just know he's re-lost my cell number yet again and hence why he can't confirm taking me to dinner tonight:) I'm just feeling too busy with stuff I"m doing and working on. Or I'll call him tonight, anyway, confirm what size his daughter's wearing, so I can gather outgrown clothes of M's I wish to pass along, anyway.

I don't have to wait for prayers, I'm feeling blessed to have received so many:) I can feel them, so thank you. This one big issue is big, so to not feel entirely distraught and anxious 24/7 is a good thing. Sometimes, I'll still get that knot, that feeling as if I'm going to throw up. I check out information I have, I'm trying. It's just not "stopped" yet, even if I've sent payments, etc., so I get anxious but mostly this weekend, I'm feeling that support.

I stay trying to move forward while I wait, and I'm getting some answers, some steps confirmed.

Even if I'm also still waiting for the January 1st child support check. At least school knows, as I have just the last bit of M's class activity fee to pay. They nicely are only charging me half of this fee as a way to help "financial aid" M some. I'm thrilled about that, I don't actually have the whole amount, and waited a long time to hear this from them.

. I just need this check from C to arrive first. It'll get it before the end of the month. It's just due by the 1st. Ah, yes. He's improved a lot, really. Even if I was told three times within the past hmmm, 15 hours, that he's an (fill in swear word here).

). I don't refer to him that way myself, I try to do what's right for me to do, I try to focus on M first, try to let go of any anger or ill-will thoughts. It is, however, helpful to hear others recognize how "off" C still can be. And I'm thankful that there are many single dads out there who ARE really good dads, too.

Speaking of good dads, BJ? I sure hope the storms don't have you out too badly..... it's in the 60's here today, amazingly. Snow in Maine today, Vesta is going to be cozy and cook comfort foods.

. So glad to hear her update that my "niece," late cousin Dougie's oldest daughter, E, is yeah going to be able to stay in college next semester. She's a freshman, very talented artistically, like her dad had been. She's LOVING this, downtown Portland. It's really where I believe she should stay, just was a monetary issue. Yeah, another wait found out:)
I so wish I could help her out more. My goddaughter, along with E's younger sister, both start next year. Locations to be determined. So big.

And M, so excited she'll be 13 years old, a TEEN!!!!! in just 6 months now. She's waiting, growing so, physically, emotionally, intellectually. I'd like to get her growing a bit more spiritually, too. in time. Also means, yes, I admit, I count it, less than 5.5 years left of dealing with C for me! Well, we'll still have dealings, but not at all the same.
I'm sure Dad waits for me. I spent extra time with Daisy and home today, missing church which I know I need. I was too distraught over a notice earlier this week and missed my dancing, which I know I also need.
More rain here, and tomorrow. Eh, it'll be okay. We'll be okay. (Hopeful for my dad's, too, but that's a whole other issue......)

commercials now, Daisy begging, trying to quit but not lose what I've IM'd in here so far.....

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  1. Hope you have a great SundayK!  Hugs,TerryAnn