Thursday, January 25, 2007

Other Bloggers from Blue October @9:30 Club

Argh, let me try this entry again!  General consensus:  awesome show! :)  I knew that.

From a self-appointed "Blue Fan" --  Hmmm, trying to capture her January 24, 2007 entry, not her entire journal......   AOL is not acting as nicely as it has previously........   wait, this may have worked out.  AOL Journals is still acting up, though.

I've posted this woman's entry previously:  Blue October concert at the 930 Club in Washington DC last night - Washington D.C. Metro Rider  She followed it up with a post concerning two metro officials not realizing that the last train in her direction was scheduled to depart at 12:21am, NOT at 11:xxpm.  However, only the search showed her words -- I couldn't find her entry any longer on her blog itself.  Hmmm, good writer, an "around town" blogger.  I may have to check her out again.

Another fan was not as lucky and heard he'd miss his train.   He was fine, anyway, even got to hang out with Blue October and Army of Me after the show!   That's worth missing a train over, IMHO! :)  Okay, not with M with me, not in a bar.  But, if she wasn't.  Wow.  I do bet that was fun.

This show was thursluv's first concert ever, what a start!  She's "spoiled" now even if having to share Justin's drumsticks with her sister -- thurstluv: BLUE OCTOBER RULES!!!!

Daggone aol.  Keeps cutting off my "highlight" about one blog. 
Who can blame this blogger for reminiscing about the show, instead of working on a job application? Into the OceanIS a catchy tune:)
Of course, my two entries on Blue October and the show here (DC/9:30 Club) this week:  After the show and sound check:  Blue October ("They treated us well.")
and earlier that day excited in anticipation:  Day for "Celebrities"  Wow, I think this worked!   Obviously, I'm STILL reminiscing and happy we went.
M wore her Blue October long-sleeved black "girlie" t-shirt today, with the green flower on the front that glows in blacklight.   She also took in flyers to her big Irish stepdance performance to school.   She's a bit more awake today, only telling a couple people yesterday about the show, and a couple who had asked her.  The memory, though, will last.   :)

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