Friday, January 26, 2007

Robert Burns Birthday alas a day short

Ah, what delight to revisit a journal I've enjoyed, and discover, oops, twas the anniversary of Robert Burns birth yesterday!   What, you don't know of him?   He was one of Scotland's favorite poets.   Please visit Robert Burns, Robert Burns - II, and the dinner party version, Thursday 25/01/07, all from Northern Trip journal, full of weather reports and photos as well.   (I told y'all I like weather, and heck, I've got almost as much Scottish blood in me as I do Irish.)


  1. Hello Robin, I haven't visited in a while so I've taken a leisurely read through your entries.  Thanks for the link to Northern Trip.  Iwasn't familiar with the journal and I love the poetry of Robert Burns.  Can't say that I've ever tried haggis but I like turnips and potatoes!  Also loved your entry on Blue October.  I'm not familiar with the band but your review of the concert makes me want to check out their music.  I'll be back!--Sheria

  2. Got the alert to Joe's journal, which mentioned it. Thank you very much - MWAH x!