Sunday, January 14, 2007

Right now, I feel like asking C what bug got up his backside, but, I won't.
Well, C wrote me back again. He's just getting snottier and snottier and I'm just laughing at him doing that. It's so PETTY. And I'm NOT going to let that get to me. Which might be part of what's annoying him? Eh, whatever. I don't need to "go there" with him. He's now insisting that we switch for July 4th for January 23, or else no January 23 switch. That'll be up to M.

. Even if it's a regular weeknight switch for a big holiday, I'm fine with it now that I think about it, but only if SHE is fine with it. It also means I'm keeping her on Labor Day day, then, as I had thought of suggesting switching Labor Day for Independence Day with him. He'll want Labor Day come later on, as he'll want every hour straight he can keep Megan away from me.

Guess he hasn't looked that far yet to realize that she's with him for the remainder of that long weekend, including until that Tuesday a.m., so she'll come with me 9am Labor Day, in time for parades, and then he picks her back up 6pm. This may be better for M, seeing me some during that Labor Day weekend, her seeing him a mite longer of a time Independence Day and if switch, also night, during the otherwise 2 weeks straight she's with me.

C is insisting that I pick up M tomorrow a.m., but, at least I got him to actually tell me that in advance this time. He'd practically always bring her back until he moved. And he still does some of the time just not always and at least communicate, please. I'd written that he's of course still welcome to join her for trail clearing in the a.m. if he can get off work.

(He owns the business, but he may still feel he needs to be there for something that morning.) I rather wanted him to join her, as SHE wanted him to. I hope she's okay with this, though. I told him back that I'm sorry he can't join her tomorrow, and that if he's not bringing her down (my home or the barn), I'd need to get her before 9am as they're starting / meeting up at 9am. (She's due with me at 9am, this way, not 1/2 hour away at his place, and I suspect he'll be at work a while before
a while before 9.) Not that I want to be awake and dressed and driving that early on my day off, but she won't want to be late and then have to track down which trail everyone's working on.

So then I'm thinking: Ah, well. Could be worse. Could be a LOT worse. I could not know at all what he intended for tomorrow for one thing. Just do not get why C is still, hmm, acting so angry at me, as if I'm some enemy of his. I don't get it. We should be coparenting, we share a child, I don't like him by any stretch, but can't we not be enemies? It's been so long ago.

Oh, my he wrote me AGAIN, and I quote: I'll assume you meant to ask if it was okay for M(name) to return earlier than our agreement states.

That's it. Nothing about meeting M's needs, which is all I'm trying to do by being nice and picking her up, avoiding a fight with him as he is refusing to return her. She should be back HERE by 9am, AND, the event starts then. This is why I'd be tempted to ask him what is up with him? WHY be so whatever? Sheesz. Get a grip.
So, I won't respond right now. I don't know how early I'll be awake, realistically, anyway. I'll figure it out. I just do not "get" him.
What gives with some guys? Ah, well, I figure it's C's personal problem. Maybe with he and Sh even. It is possible that she's the one refusing to drive now since they've moved? Don't know. I do hope he can get over the anger and petty stuff, though, it's as if he lets it eat at him, for what cost? It can't help him, or M, I wouldn't think.

Oh, well. M's HOME tomorrow, and she can do what she wants (that I okay). Hopefully it won't be too rainy, either. I had hoped to talk w/ her tonight about boots and stuff, but naturally my call there wasn't answered. From how M words it, the phone never rings when she's visiting, so I think they turn off the ringer to help screen the calls.

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