Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sundays Full Moon

SO big, SO bright, SO full.   Perfect, really.

We'd been at my mothers / stepfather Bob's place, boardgame of Clue after dinner.   Earlier, M wanted to play frisbee with me, a miniature frisbee I had difficulty altering my depth perception for, to catch it properly.   I do better throwing it.  It was a mite frustrating.  It reminded me of those little tiny specks of white against a sky blue background, coming out of nowhere visible, suddenly appearing way too close and way too fast to my face or limbs, unable to catch the ball.   I was always put in the way outfield, bored out of my mind, unable to see but not realizing my disadvantage, years before my parents, teachers, or I realized my need for eyeglasses which clarified and brought the world to me like I'd see it in photographs.  I used to study photographs sometimes extra carefully; they looked so different from my vision of reality.

This moon, wow, it was huge against the darker sky.  Nothing like a little speck of white.  I smile now when I see a full moon:)   No longer do I feel any twinge of heart pains, angst, or wonderings so much, if I see a full moon and am reminded of Brian and I, all those many months ago at Assateague one January.    Nah, we've resolved all that now.   I will still always carry a piece of him in my heart, and he'll always carry a piece of me in his:)   And, that works.   Even in our lives now, full of those we also love and care for.   We'll just always know that we'll always be special to each other, too.  In our own way, we're always there for each other.

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  1. Errr, I need to get reading glasses. I've been struggling to read for who knows how long, but it only dawned on me a week or so ago. I think the need for eyeglasses and Dislexia run neck-and-neck as the leading cause of childhood learning problems. Bet it made it easier to see the chalkboard too, didn't it?