Tuesday, October 3, 2006

It's too early.......

This morning (NOT now!), the clock radio alarm went off, playing music.   Having not slept well Sunday night, I was still tired and wasn't quite cognizant that the radio alarm had turned on.   Daisy jumped up on me, knowing it was time for me to rise, trying to give kisses blech, and the cats started stirring, which is somewhat interesting considering only one of the cats can hear.   Okay, okay......   "wake up, smell the catfood."  (I need to find out who has that line in his song.)

Little Tinkerbell walked on top of the radio, her wee paw pressing the power button to OFF.   Then she turned and yawned a BIG yawn, and stepped back off the radio into Bitty Babies basket, aka, a cat bed now.   ROFL, my little snooze button:)   And she's the one w/out any eardrums.  It was really cute.

Wild Child (Captain Hook) turned it back on a few moments later, having been playing with my feet when his sister turned it OFF.   After breakfast, and morning kitty treats, he did play in the "waterfall" (shower), and then took a hiking excursion for a bit with Indie, Daisy, and I.   I had to throw Captain back inside, though, cuz he wanted to rummage in the bushes, Indie was ready to walk w/ us again after months of attempts, including yesterday that was just too cold for him, and Daisy wanted to MOVE for once.

Ah, well.   M got to school in plenty of time, showered, fed, disliking the new chai tea mix I also dislike.   Life moves on:)



  1. Pretty funny. My dogs just stomp on my bladder now. I used to think it was by accident, but it's been too many mornings to be cooincidence. Sure gets me up.


  2. LOL.  That was great your cat turning the radio off.  ~ Mike