Monday, October 23, 2006

so who all IS reading this?

I may need to take this to "private."   I know "my" readers who post comments, or who e-mail me, and that's great:)   I had hoped to be able to stay public, so in theory, I can help explain the scrambled life of one with ADHD.   But, it's not my main focus, anyway, I suppose.   If you'd like to stay on my "private" listing, please let me know:) 

-- Robin


  1. Not quite sure what the question is.  Are you going private, just thinking about it, or have you already gone private and just rubbing our noses in it. ;)  Keep me on.  ~ Mike

  2. I am fairly certain I'll be taking this to private.   I fear it may be needed.   And, yes, you were on my list:)  And Fred and Amy and Sharon, and, well, some others who tend to e-mail more than post replies.   Anyone else, though, please let me know.   -- Robin

  3. What happened Robin? You get a scary e-mail or something? Hope everything's okay.


  4. Don't even have to ask me!  But since you did, LOL, count me in.