Saturday, October 7, 2006

Child's Innocence, Adult worries

Rainy sleepy Saturday good for laundry and cat cuddles and less so long walks with the dog albeit she did get one. :)
A lot for this past week. M's perception? When asked what she wishes to pray about, for the church to consider and raise up for us, she finally came up with thanks that our animals are healthy. Well, and she and I, and yes that is a good one, really. And, I am thankful. Then, last night, ah I love Fridays when she comes home with me, pouring rain out. I'd used M's rainboots in the morning, and they were still out. She smiled, put them on, and went puddle jumping:) lol Got SOAKED! lol but so happy, poured out the water from her boots OUTSIDE our door, and came in for a long warm shower. If someone were to ask her, she'd say life is good:) Well, she's 12, a preteen, so all that angst and there was confusion Monday, but, she's happy with school, rode Corey yesterday before the heavier rain. Life for her IS pretty good.
And, I don't complain. Take away last Saturday which was hell , and the parts of Monday where C was being noncommunicative and things didn't work as they should have which is all actually a long-term problem, and my week's been fine.
Today, I suppose, is the Saturday I couldn't have last week, except M and I both looked forward to an Oktoberfest today. We shall see. Tomorrow might be Girl Scouts and I felt burnt out last night when the main leader called, RIGHT when Grey's Anatomy was coming on. The only show I'm watching these months, so I figured I'd catch the phone message instead.
Maybe a practice dance "feis" class today -- one of M's friends is going and M could use it, laundry, Grandma / Bob, and also church and my father. Saturdays are my down days in the week. That and Sunday mornings. We all need some downtime in our lives, that balance.
Mostly yesterday and this week, I've thought of two people whom I care about (in addition to M, and my family). One, of course, is BJ :) What a week for him. I wish sometimes I could write more in here about him, and us, or not us, or whatever, but to do so means making this journal private, so I don't.
But, three big events for him this week, each different, and one really good one, at least, I hope he's enjoying his reunion this weekend:) I'm glad for the timing of that, for the timing of the other two THIS WEEK, wow, even with one anticipated and partially a relief. I'm glad he'll be with buddies, and heck, I don't even care if he sees a former girlfriend there, really. All three of these things are events that naturally have one focus on past, present, and future. Or, past and future, and how to live, and be, and who one is, in the now. He'll incorporate it all in, balance it out fine. He's a great guy, and has the psychological and emotional and other skills to take these things, and move on from them, and do more than fine. But, I still think of him, send him virtual hugs:)
And, a girlfriend of mine. Oh, my, I think it peaked for me more last night, M in the shower, me stressing over my friends situation, so I washed all the dishes, and on a "end of the week-looking house is not acceptable" focus, while my mind couldn't stop thinking of my friend, and I wanted to laugh with M in the puddles, but I don't also have rainboots:) She did snuggle with me after dinner, and we watched some t.v. and that it was all good:)
But, my girlfriend, oh, my. She has a lot on her plate, anyway, three young boys, one a baby, and the preschooler is disabled. While her boys were with her ex over last weekend, the preschooler got a bruise near his eye. That man isn't an abuser, but he can be neglectful, and yet, this boy is also supercharged to put it mildly, his innate nature.
On WEDNESDAY, the boys teacher finally notices the dot of a bruise that remains, flips out, and calls in social services. It'd been there since last weekend, but she didn't see it. The mother waited for her children to get off the bus and the bus driver was simply told that the mother had picked up the boys already (not the baby who was at home with the mother).
The ex, and the mother's mother, both stated that the boy had received the bruise over the past weekend, and yet my friend is STILL being accused. Never mind that her older boy is STILL being beaten up on the schoolbus (tho finally that's being handled). What my friend is going through is an absolute nightmare. I KNOW she does NOT beat her kids. AND, the ex even said she didn't do it, it'd been there, so ???? She can't afford the lawyers fees to get this worked out (oh, and was just laid off from from work, too, but hopefully "legal aide" will get back to her eventually).

My problems from last Saturday are still around, and will loom larger next week and after, BUT, this week? I'm fine with all that. As M says, we're all healthy:) And, she is happy. I'm so blessed for that. So my prayer focus right now, is more on my two dear friends....... especially my girlfriend living the most hellish thing I can imagine, falsely accused of abusing her child, oy.
Ha, even Daisy is back curled on the bed today:) I hear the load of laundry is done (rewashed from earlier this week but didn't get it into the dryer lol). M is still sleeping. I turned on the heat last night. It's supposed to be gas heat, but sometimes that clicks off and the backup electric kicks in instead. Thinking to put filter on the list, but not today. I'd have to go into the even heavier rain to get out the filter for the sizing.
A nap sounds good:) And more Saturdays. Oops, sleeping beauty is up. Need to call the place for her hoped for audition, oy. If they chose her, there's hardly time, and if they don't, will she be upset? She'll deal:)
She had a touch of vertigo? huh? not so good


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  1. If child services were the way they are today when I was a boy, my parents would surely have spent time in jail for all the bruises and cuts I got on myself. I know it's a touchy subject, but the simple appearance of bruises can't be taken as enough evidence to act. Of course, I guess it's a case of better safe than sorry in their minds.