Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Next Day

Isn't that always when the truth comes through, when something is really tested as to its merits and whether or not it really stood the test of time, was worth it?

I messed with my hair as closely as I could to how my hairdresser, Robin, showed me just yesterday.  Hmm.  Not quite the look she'd accomplished, still looks as if *I* did it, but, it still looks good (IMHO).   Caught a look of myself in the restroom mirror, and naturally, of my hair that I"m actually wearing DOWN today.  Hmmm, hours later, somhow both a bit flattened and frizzed, yeah, it's acceptable.   Nice when it works.

Heard an artist new to me last weekend, Michael Yugo.   He played acoustically, as did another man and a woman.   M and I both enjoyed the artistry of the others, particularly the womans, and her voice, in the background as we wandered around one of the Borders within driving range, reading a bit of this, a lot of that......  Michael Yugo's, however, just had a style and songs I really liked.   After all the sets were done, I mentioned to him that I'd really enjoyed his stuff, but I hadn't caught his name, etc.   He'd run out of cd's (which I hadn't asked for, but admittedly, thought I'd enjoy), so went outside to his car and behold, he had another.  He GAVE it to me, titled "A sampler for you," said he was embarrassed enough to have his likeness on there, never mind sign it.  He was very personable, "real" as it were, talked w/ us about this drum-like piece of equipment he has (M's dance teacher, Ma, would likely really enjoy it), and he's not in his young 20's like some of the other artists whom M and I sometimes run into.   It was great, and we listened enroute home.   We both agreed we'd not have wanted a cd of the woman's, oh, her last song inspired on 9/11, was one we liked, but most of her stuff sounded all the same and, well, not THAT special.   His work, I was thrilled to have a cd of.   BTW -- MikeV -- Michael Yugo is going to Virginia Beach the weekend of October 27-29, hoping to confirm a booking at a Jewish center of some sort, I don't know the names of places there.

The next day, I popped in the cd sampler, song 5 I believe.   Have to admit, many times, listening to an entire cd after the live show just gets too boring, almost as if a let down.   M didn't know what cd I'd put in, or if it was the radio.  "Mom, I like this song, is that from the guy from last night?"   Yanno what, I was liking it, too!  Yep, we've got a winner this time:)   Check him out:

It's always nice when everyone's still smiling, the next day, eh?   ;)

Oh, and sorry, no pics yet of me with my new "do."  I haven't been able to upload photos onto this journal since summer, and I have one I LIKE of the Portland Head Light, sigh.  Not that anyone's been around to take a photo of me, anyway.  If I GET a new photo, I'll e-mail it to anyone who asks (whom I know something of), but am not eager to post one too identifying of myself or my child.   Weirdos come online, too.

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