Friday, October 20, 2006

So, what happened with homework planning?!

Have to start off -- GO CARDINALS!   YEAH YEAH!   :)   Wow was that exciting.   I didn't get to watch any, as we were doing homework / housework / dinner / chores stuff, but wow.   BJ says it gave him a heart attack (so happy and, well, last minute, last inning, last game.)

It's a sunny day with fast moving puffy clouds and a flag looking as if it won't fly off the pole, but take the pole with it as it leans.........   then rainy, really heavy heavy downpouring black skies raining, then sunny again, and windy windy windy.   M goes, "I thought today was supposed to be like yesterday?" 

Some of the week has included trying to fit in various homework -- a "busy work" homework, which anyone who knows me knows I despise busywork homework, was due today, requiring a library visit.   M knew this last Friday but off with her dad for the weekend so that's basically a wash for visiting libraries (other homework was worked on).   Tuesday would have been great, Wednesday a maybe, but she remembers this on Wednesday night, too late.   UGH.   Tuesday night had been late fitting in homework for Wednesday...... oh, the easy part of writing a paragraph but still, if she'd remembered to bring home the paper, she could have simply rewritten a paragraph provided (nicely writing a new one was an option).   Thursday a.m., great, early, even the found out just Wednesday bit (epilogue of book also included in must read by), DONE.   Spent some time talking with her about how she plans her work out, we always talk about what is due when, but she doesn't always seem to remember, honestly speaking, or she's forgotten some little piece.   Everything is too much to carry, I agree, and her fancy calculator was at school, but we didn't think our cell phones could do negative numbers.....   fine, I can use one, too, bought a $4.99 one to keep at home.

So M and I talked again, she needs to restart using her planner again, or find some other way to keep organized.  

She's in a feis on Sunday, just had the charity / leukemia performance canceled for Saturday (no appropriate stage, I really wanted M to do that show, too, for her troupe-mate even, and local).   M WANTS to go to the feis Saturday afternoon and stay over, it's a drive, and everyone else going is staying over.   That costs money, of course, which I don't have - another reason why the performance Saturday was good as it made for a good excuse to drive on Sunday.   I'd feel better about it if child support had arrived, but nothing yet almost 3 weeks late again.   (There's a ceili Saturday night, also, a fun family one, but eh, we'll see.  And visiting my mother on Saturday for a festival local to her that we've all gone to in the past........)

M was all excited earlier this week when I told her what high school football games were going on locally tonight, and she's remembered, before she heard about it on the radio.   Heck, she even checked to see if the St. Louis Cardinals had won last night:)   lol   Her good friend, Md's older brother used to play for one of the high schools, and M is scheduled to attend the other.  MY former high school is playing "our" rivals, too, and, lol, M was cute, figured she'd get herself a ride to "her" game, so I could attend the other:)   Ah, but honey, the fun is in going together.   We haven't been to one all year.   A high schooler in the youth group plays for Md's brothers school, and a senior high girl, also in youth, plays in the band for "M's" high school to be.   It'll be fun, windy, but fun.

To let M know how serious I was about no more last minute forgot squeeze in stuff, as well as we can hep it, I told her she must have a plan for when and how she was doing her homework due Monday, before she went to any game.   Her favorite place is "the barn," and yet, she thought she might skip the chance to go there today, which I told her meant great, she can get one of her Spanish assignments done, or start math.   It was a nice conversatoin, repeated on the ride to school.   She was to call me when she got out.

Yep, got the call, she's getting in or in a carpool car with her friend and another classmate whose mother is driving, and going to Md's house and the game.......   I can't hold up the entire carpool line, and her potential ride.   She's done minimal socializing, BUT.   I okayed her taking the carride, if she called me when she got to Md's (whose mother did verify I knew where M was! lol, I think the girls planned this, really, Md was going, anyway).   M did call me.   I asked her what her plan was, and she didn't know what I meant, lol, HOMEWORK, child!  Huh, oh.....   She told me the game plan for the game:)   Do you have warmer clothes (bleachers + wind + bare legs = COLD), borrowing, do you have money?   I told her I could meet her at the game itself, but she MUST get at least 1 hour of homework done first.   Oh, good, they can work on the science project together.

Ah, heck, not as if I've felt like doing any work today, either:)   Most of those I work with were off this afternoon, it's as if there's a feeling in the air, it's Friday, let's play, yeah!   I can't imagine the excitement in Detroit or St. Louis.   But, M had to have a plan.   It was her deal with me.   Most of her homework is not busy work, yet, it still seems like SO MUCH.    It's almost as if youth are expected to work harder than adults at times, as so many of us don't bring work home (some do, I have).   Kids should have time to play, time to be athletic, or hang out, try a hobby, time for chores and family, but wow, SO much homework and I know this isn't even much comparatively.

At least she can read while driving, usually, and a few hours will knock out a fair bit of reading (not due for a couple weeks, still), maybe some final writing of one of her Spanish assignments about a secret persona.  Yeah, I want to play, too, lol, or take a nap.......

Kids:)   She is a good one, and even wants to complete all of her homework properly, no cheating on it, just not organized.   Me, her parent with ADHD, is going to help guide her on how to be more organized.   I'm laughing, while not.   And, actually, I've learned a few tricks about it all.   This parenting bit, though, well, I have to laugh in a way, her so excited, knowing I'd tentatively okayed the game, conveniently forgetting to plan out her homework first:)

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  1. No more last minute squeeze in stuff?!?! What kinda mom are ya? LOL! Used to drive my mom nuts with that too. Got a secret for ya, if she's doing it now, expect her to be doing it all the way through school. It's in the personality. Unless mom screams loud enough I guess.