Saturday, October 14, 2006

Friends are good to have:)

Friends are good to have:)
"You've been with me through this the whole time." Yes, I have, but I'd do it again if I had to, and I was glad I did, and now we only have forward to go:)
And, yet, lol, neither of us have money for flights right now then again, they are pretty cheap! "You better!" visit, he says. I will, babe.

And Doug even called me today, my brother. I'd called him yesterday for something, we'd talked then. But, he called back, 1.5 hours the second time he called today. Hey, every once in a purple moon, we get that amount of time, so I stayed talking.
I'm happy for him, starting his own business this week, with a business partner:) A bit amused how it all came about, but, he's in a good position for doing this right now. It fits him.
At one point he mentioned that he should have become a lawyer. Well, yeah that he has most of the skills for that, and a couple in our family ARE even, but I simply said, "Yeah, but you'd have to deal with people." lol Neither of us are the type to have "welcome" on our doormat. He does well at sales, actually,

He does well at sales, really well (he won't bulls#$@ and just gets to the point and deals actually, but broken down, that is different from dealing with someone for an entire case. not that we talked long on that point.
He was checking on me, am I ready for a thing going on Monday that I'd gotten worried about.

I guess I am -- a guy I'd gone on a blind date with some eons ago is helping me out. He and I work on paper and phone, I'd could be a friend with him, but eh, he, ah, didn't present himself quite fully honestly, which would be okay, but it's um, not.  So our weekends didn't mesh for many months, which I was glad about, and then they did but, he stopped asking and I felt relieved:) Now, I need his expertise. So okay.... and he seemed real happy to hear from me, and to offer his services.  

No one's compared to BJ for me, so why should I stay trying to search out dates, eh?   I'd been encouraged to, so I tried.   Blech.  

Doug will find a plumber for Dad, YES. We got to talk a fair bit about my father, after my stuff and his stuff. That was good. We hadn't had a chance previously for me to simply explain that Dad's dementia is really dementia now, and the actual status of his health.  I wasn't preaching, wasn't trying to say "I do all of this, so why can't you help out?" At one point I did say, after mentioning that I think Dad needs a proper diagnosis, that I just haven't had the time to do any more than I have, and I know he doesn't have extra time, either / has been busy. And he doesn't, and he has been busy. Not as if I am not busy with, well, life. But whatever. Update on some of dad's financial stuff, house, gosh, whatever, including the cell phone being lost again but I'd found his wallet/id, that I try to clean a bit more each time. Doug said he will try to make calls today about a plumber (wow, TODAY? next week works, too, but, today would be awesome). Said he'd find help, if he did it himself which he
suspects will be it with an "ick" factor in his foice, and I said, well, I had to clip his nails, toenails even, last week, (which was, well, ick), AND I do his laundry all the time, and his shopping, and his trash, even the cleaning I can get to.  Guess I should help Dad get this weeks trash picked up, though, and maybe Dad could do more (ugh, when is it enabling, and when is he just NOT able to? I think more and more, he's not able to), before Doug and/or a plumber stops by.
At least I got Dad's heat turned on last visit. Not that I can figure out how to set the temperature, but I did switch it from "cool" to "heat." lol, yep, I can do that much:) This thing is programmable, though, so I can't do much more than that, especially in limited lighting. I'd replaced lightbulbs, but not in that hallway / different bulbs there. Dad can't replace them, egads, standing on a chair? He'd hurt himself. And if a light is on, it tends to STAY on, until however many days later.  Maybe M can help me figure out how to program the thermostat.
Talked recently to another friend of mine, him trying to offer support and help me out:) Gosh, sigh. I suppose I could have asked for help and support previously, too, but, I didn't feel I could ask more than, say, Doug or my dad. And BJ knows but he's not local. Sweet guy:) but, he's not local. Anyway, talking w/ my other friend was good, too. He'd gotten updated diagnosis for his 7 year old son, how that boy could get so old already I don't know!, but I'm thankful cuz my friend and his ex-wife think it's amore accurate diagnosis.... Sometimes, I wish I could really like-like this friend. He'd be good to me, he is good to me, and into most things Irish even.  His family is nice, his kids great, he has things we are friends for, but. Reasons I won't list, but, we wouldn't make it longterm. Not that he nesc. minds, lol. And, friends being there "all along" over time, isn't a bad thing, either.

"love put your records on, play me your favorite song....." is going through my head. Such a great song:)

I sometimes have trouble facing things -- I finally talked w/ a girlfriend of mine about some stuff, then it felt easier, I was ready to deal finally, I thought, then got way busy, but when I was more capable of reaching out, not just her but started with her, these other friends, and Doug, too, they cared, they're supportive:)   Dealing sometimes mean, well, pain, or hurt, or unpleasant stuff.   I do think sometimes that my senses pick up more stimuli than other peoples senses do (I know that's true for my skin, more sensory perceptors per square centimeter than for anyone else in my entire 11th or 12th grade science class).   I also try to see the person behind each face.   I like people, usually, just more one on one or in small groups, and not too often.   Things can be overwhelming to me sometimes, taking it all in.   This particular thing got really scary, too part of Friday.

Oh, somefelineone opened up the curtains. Daisy is fed and resting again. I meant to grocery shop today, but napped. I needed it, not quite well all week.  M is dancing at afestival tomorrow. Not that C (or Sh) would respond to the coordinator a yes or no, as required at least 2 weeks in advance, until Ma herself called them on Tuesday (she called me to get the # first, didn't say WHY but, all was resolved by Wed., so hey, I don't need or want to know what all was said, Si dances there, too, now, just glad this was resolved).
She's also knowing in advance this time that she CAN go dance, with those friends, and for C (or maybe Sh through C), is allowing this:) Oh, C did strongly suggest that I have M try out for this studios dancing troupe, and Si should enjoy the family festival, so hey. If they had conflicts, just say. For him, saying now is a huge commitment.   It's not close to here, but, I'll go see her. I can't for some of them, just due to the nature of the performance venue itself, this her first one with this troupe:)  Packed her all up Friday a.m., the main school dress and a backup one, depending on the weather, the new!! tiara which we both like. That's good, they're $20. amazingly enough and she has one, but, this matches every girl dancer has the same one. The one boy has beautiful long hair, but, no tiara :)

Doug's telling me that the trip to a feis next weekend will take longer than I was thinking, ugh...... BUT, he was asking me the "where and what time" details when I mentioned that M is dancing in his town next weekend, also.

And the ever-present cat, or two or three, in my lap or nearby:)  Indie was my feline-lover boy today for a long time, after Ms. Liberty left.  

Friday was one of those mornings when M wanted extra time and hugs with me, and with Daisy, and just to be home, but also a shower (a last shave under the arms before not having shaver access for a few days, for one thing).   Invariably I still have at least one piece of her clothing from her dads in the dryer to pack up, plus packing up her dresses / tiara / bloomers/ bubble socks / wig / etc. for the show Sunday.   I figured I'd just shower and dress after dropping M off at school.   She clearly could use help carryingall her things in, so I offered to do so, or call her friend over who'd just gotten out of his mother's SUV, also.   M had commented earlier to me how she believes that particular pair of sweats are too short on me, huh? just fine if I'd had socks on.   Whatever.   Now she looks at me, "Mom, PLEASE, whatever you do, DON"T get out of the car."  LOL, okay, honey, can you get it all?  Not easily she couldn't, plus practicing a dance Thursday night had her wrist hurting again, but, she made sure she got it all herself, lol.  

I'd pulled her purse over -- they were going to learn about how to conduct research at the library and she wanted to take her card.   Almost 44,000 people have library cards registered through "our" particular library, that's noisy and cramped, but, they're trying.   I figured I best teach her respect by showing respect, such as knocking on the bathroom door before bringing in some breakfast, or having HER go through her own purse.   We'd both left the purse while gathering everyone else.   Oh, well:)  

Later, most of the weekend so far, actually, I've worn M's shoes (they fit, they're better than mine...).   Didn't reach her when I called, but I'll see her tomorrow, hopefully. If it's not M who is calling me back, it still makes me smile when I check caller id, and see that BJ was the last one to call me....   oh, yeah, I'm feeling real good about he and I again:)   Wearing my claddagh earrings from BJ again, too.

Ah, Daisy has probably had 4 decent walks already today, but is sitting by me, wagging her tail, soft whine, paw up on my leg. At least it's a touch warmer out now!   This a.m. was heavy coating most everything white frost, definitely below freezing overnight.   One perfect light brown/blonde leaf beautifully encased in frost as if a maple syrup candy.
Alright, girl, I'm here for Daisy, too:)


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