Tuesday, October 10, 2006


It's been a while coming, even scheduled for previously and then had to cancel out, but, finally got my hair cut again. :)   Likely 8 inches worth? or so?   It'd gotten too stringy looking for my tastes, and is still long, just past my bra strap, but thicker looking again.   My everpresent bangs restyled to the "popular" style now, aka "Devil Wears Prada" 's assistant's look.   Surprisingly, it shows less grey than before, too.  (To color or not is something I really don't wish to have to face; I like the idea of going natural but I don't like looking OLD.   Right now, eh, it's not horrible.)

I'm glad I've kept it long still this time, this haircut:)   I can carry it; it still looks good.   Feels really short (had it really gotten that long?), but, I'm pleased:)  

M's is just BEAUTIFUL when hers is long, and I'm not sure just how long she wishes to grow it out this time, but she likes it short enough for her to manage herself.   I do believe that should be her choice to make, so I let her.   My mother preferred mine short, ha, but it wasn't short once I could make my own choice.  I love long hair, kept decently.



  1. What no pic?  You can't talk about a new haircut and not have a pic.  I believe it's in the J Land rule book.  ~ Mike

  2. I love that look and I think I may be the only person on the planet that's not a girl between the age of ten and fifteen that liked that movie (I think it's more true to life of the fasion industry than people are willing to admit).