Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cold cold gusty day

It's after 1pm, and yeah, finally up to 48 degrees F brrrrr, still "gusty" as the radio said this a.m.   Quite cold last night, and having not worn a sufficient jacket yesterday, I still felt chilled through.   Having bedding in the laundry, I had only one blanket.   Daisy mostly slept with M, and a couple cats, and a couple blankets:)  By morning, Daisy came with me when she heard the radio alarm go off, which helped warmth-wise while I ignored said alarm.   Not that I couldn't have gotten up during the night, changed the temperature or grabbed more blankets, but hey, that'd mean getting up, lol.  I was tired and cold.   I'm not as loopy tired today as I was yesterday, thankfully, but I wanted REST during the night.

I turned off the heat, then back on, and checked on M, tucking her in tighter.  I hear the re-ignition of the gas furnance.   It seemed to have died and the electric backup come on.   I hope this isn't a problem as I don't have money to fix it, tho I suppose I'd have to find it.   The chai tea latte I pull from the refrigerator to zap warm is more than cold; it's frozen.   I jiggle the iced latte around and recall how refrigerators are used by Eskimos to keep their foods from freezing.   If this is true, they don't want mine this morning.

Walking Daisy, I'm thinking that I've not yet adjusted to the cold weather.   I love fall, I enjoy winter mostly, I've camped in the snow more than once, but camping with Girl Scouts in 2 weeks may not be doable for me.   Yet I'm the other camp-trained adult who is to go.   We've not attended so far this year, and sometimes we miss youth group, too.   I suppose things naturally "give way" when there is too much -- homework added in plus 1 more night for dance (just through November), plus more care of my father, it's just not all doable, so sometimes, we haven't.   Church even called me last night and I didn't listen to it (yet).   I think the youth director knows to e-mail or call my cell:)

It's trash day at my father's.   I dont' know how early they come, but I didn't get his trash put out, or even bagged up tightly.   Or his recycling.   I meant to go yesterday.   SO loopy tired, and without my eyeglasses, and well I forgot.  I'd go into a computer program and forget whyI was in there.   I knew I had gas to get M to dance and most of the way back home, but timewise figured I'd get it at a station enroute, but forgot and nicely had enough to get home (stopping when back in town).   So, I spaced on visiting my father, also.   Oy.   I hope he didn't miss me on Sunday; maybe he remembered.   He doesn't have his cell phone, so he can't call and I can't call him.   I will go tomorrow, but can't today.   I feel badly, even knowing I am doing what I can, and that my focus has to be my own child first if it comes to it.   I want more for him, though.  

And, did Doug get a plumber?   I talked w/ Doug for a while on Saturday; he'd called to check on M's charity performance Saturday night in his town which was canceled, and to check on how things had gone for me last week, not getting my call to him.   I don't think Doug went by and did plumbing, nor got a plumber.   Dad still has a working toilet, but ick, sitll.   I had to REexplain yet again the cell phone replacement need, and to do it online I need Doug's code, but it's his code for "everything," so he said he'd do it yesterday or today.   But, did he?   He is not one to say he'll do something then not.   He may say he'll try and then not, but if he commits, he does it.   And, he's reasking me things 2-3 times.   I sure hope he's not developing any dementia of his own, he's younger than I am.   When I retold Doug that I'd clipped Dad's nails, this time, Doug asked me why, and why doesn't Dad do them, can he?   Doug never thinks Dad cannot, so this was interesting, a good development I thought.   Seems that after Doug had two mini-strokes, his dexterity is way off now in his fingers, which he described some, and he is unable to stand on one of his legs without also standing on the other.   It's starting to sink in for Doug more that Dad's problems are not just drinking, or laziness, but a lot of it is because he really is incapable.   And yet I repeat the why Dad can't call for a plumber himself question, the other questions, that have ready answers.   It's not like Doug's been drinking when we've been talking, either.   Oh, man, is this crap hereditary?   Are Doug's short-term memory problems related to his mini-strokes?  

And yet, here Dad sits at home, excited for his one other social visit of sorts, when the lady in his neighborhood walks her dog and brings up Dad's newspaper from the bottom of the drive to the carport.   He knows the time of each paper drop-off now.   Dag, I know he missed me Sunday.  Oy.  Oh, he has food, but still.   People need more than food:)   Forms for him, arrangements for him, just socializing, and heck, letting him know about the cell phone, and what's up with the plumbing.   Sigh.   "justmary" wrote recently about feeling overwhelmed, visualizing how much better her father's life could be if she could "just get it right."   Yeah, me, too.   Triplicate myself and maybe that'd help, eh?

It's library books due today day.   As if that's ever been a defining moment for me, lol.   But, this time, I happened to find the book on slave trade, a second time (where it'd been placed just apparently nudged off the ledge by little cat paws), and glanced this a.m. at the date.   October 24th.  Was that yesterday?   I squint at the calendar.   Oh, that's today!   I gathered her geology library books, also, and maybe can return them today, for once, on time!  

Today is "hike the local park with cool geology" day for M.   She did not wish to wake up today, but she dressed warmly and in layers, and I sent the water bottle.  I was hoping the high of 53 degrees F would have come true by now.   I think she had art this a.m. and hiking in the afternoon, only a few degrees warmer, and windier.   Maybe it was beautiful in the fall colors:)

Today is pack everything washed and folded to return to her dad's today, day, along with the notice of a horse show on Sunday that M signed herself up for yesterday.   Oh, she's all excited for it, assuming, hopeful.   There's a show in December, also, so that notice was sent as well, as she'll be with him that day.   M knows who she's signed up to ride, and what classes, telling me she'd like new gloves, too.   Um, yeah, she usually waits until she has several holes in her riding gloves before she decides it's okay to get new ones, ha.   I even asked her a couple weeks ago.  

Sent the individual pictures order form along, too, with my check.   We'll see what she gets sent in to wear for tomorrows photos.   Yet, as she agrees, even if we know we'll likely do makeup photos this year, if we don't order them initially, we can't order makeups.   Somehow.  I don't get that.  

There were issues w/ school pictures in the past.   He'd not reimburse me even if C said he would and please order some for him, or last year, he demanded to M that she bring up several photos for her to mail from his home.   I actually couldn't find them, ends up I think I'd left them at my mothers or something, so I offered to him when I saw him in person, to take my photo of her, and I'd just get another when I refound the photos.   Or, he could have reordered some.   C told M on picture day morning, or Sh did?, that he'd just take some of what I ordered, yet never discussed it with me.    I told M today that it's really not a big deal for him to get one or two, but if he wants several, I've already ordered a packet, so he can just chose whatever add-on selection he wants, get however many or as few.  

C called M last night, via my cell phone.   We were driving to dance rehearsal.   He asked if M was close by, and I gave the phone on to her.   Apparently Si had called her, but M's phone's been turned off (Grandma / my mother, and I have both called M, too, lol), or if on the home phone, well, we got in late Sunday, hadn't listened to messages yet.   No one calls us, hardly, the main Girl Scout leader showed up on caller id and pfft, that can wait.   (I did e-mail her.)  M was asked about the feis, and M gave me a look like NO WAY when I pointed out the horse show flyer to her, for Sunday as in she is not bringing that up with him right then.   Her choice.   M's told, basically, to bring a halloween costume tonight.   None of hers sufficed this a.m., and I put away the bag with the two orange shirts to turn into pumpkins argh, somewhere I can't locate now, last minute.   She isn't too anxious this time, however, like in previous years when they go plan events with Si and tell M to get a costume that matches her little sisters (um, with me paying, and yet if I'm paying, can't it be of M's chosing??).   Yet, I'm to locate something for her, well, she was beingnice and so I told her I'd try, and I will.

Oh, and this is "get everything finalized" today for the senior official for my entire organization will be visiting tomorrow.  It's actually a bit exciting:)   This person has come previously, and is a pretty personable and smart person.   It really is great to have the visit, to most of the regional offices that we have.  None other has done this.

Just hoping I find my eyeglasses sometime sooner than later -- having been SO tired Sunday night, while M was wide awake so worked on homework, including some not due until TOMORROW, lol, I nodded off possibly without removing my glasses first.   My over a decade-old ones are okay for driving, but too Ugly Betty for, um, general purposes:)

Tonight?   Either SLEEP and lots of it!, or mild dancing with friends, or going out with a friend to see a band at a restaurant and yet I'm too tired for that methinks, and this friend does have someone else going, too, so she won't be left alone if I cancel out.

I will decide shortly if I'm going private or not with this.  Thanks for the e-mails and comments:)

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  1. Cool geology day sounds like a blast. And a dance sounds like just what you need! ;)