Thursday, February 22, 2007

"at statue now": days 2&3 of NYCity

M texts me, "Yes at statue now"  Yes means she bought new batteries for her digital camera.  Talking last night, I could hear M glowing as she described the beauty of St. Patrick's Cathedral.   Even if we've visited there twice before, her mini-group must have taken a tour, M filling up as much of her camera with shots as they'd allow.  

Here, the warm wind's been whipping strong, so much so that it blew my eyeglasses off my head while I crossed a street.  The thaw has begun a couple days ago.  I smiled to get M's message, imagining them having ridden on some sort of ferry out to see our nation's welcoming green lady, the Statue of Liberty herself.  

They were to visit Ellis Island as well.   Warmer, windy there, too?   I've tried to check out their weather.   Practically all day today is devoted to these two sites, deservedly so, along with a lunch break.   There is a small golden statue of a girl there, the first immigrant to enter the US via Ellis Island, an Irish immigrant girl leading her younger brother, on to meet their parents already in the states.  I'll repost this site -- is a useful resource -- I could look up my grandfather and his brother with just a bit of information, Grandad's signature, even his ships menu.   My aunt Beth (his daughter) e-mailed me back that she doubted he had the filet mignon.   Ah, but he didn't have to enter servitude for his passage, either, like some did.  

The students have "scheduled free time" today, too.   Last night, M said that her mini-group may go back to Five Points, or visit "the" wax museum, also something on her "to do sometime when in New York City" list.   My early morning text message said, "Going to the Wax museum"   Madame Trousseu's?? (I do not know how it's spelled!) Wax Museum. 

It's a busy schedule, yet with time enough to absorb, and downtime in the midst of it.  It's a good schedule for middle schoolers.   I knew last night would be ice skating in Central Park, Wollman Rink.   "ice skating now" came 1 minute after "we went to the Met today"  

Naturally, these two text messages both came while I was sitting there in church, lol.   I'd meant to text her or turn off my phone.....  I did later, and she called, "(Friend" and I are calling our mom's now."   It was their break time from ice skating.  I always wanted to see Strawberry Fields there in Central Park.  M thought it was close but didn't think she could get a picture of it for me.  Laughter in her voice, talking nonstop about her day and time.  Nothing quite like ice skating outside in New York City, cold enough to feel the breeze, warm enough to be enjoyable, there with their friends. 

Somehow, I didn't hear M call to me on Monday night, cell phone in my purse under my coat, but I RIGHT THERE, out with friends after a bit of attempting to dance the Connemarra.  That night, M sounded tired and disappointed not to talk with me.   I called her back shortly after, but seems she was writing in her journal then.  I missed having missed her call, I missed her not being home, however glad I was to hear that touch in her voice that indicated things were not only alright but good.

"How was Hairspray?"  "Wow" or some similarly happily very impressed description.  "I didn't get to write about that in my journal.  I wrote 6? paragraphs about [the rest of the days events] and was too beat."   I bet, lol.  I can't wait to hear of it, all about it:)  

"The" Met wasn't as grand of a trip as she'd hoped for.   The Timothy O'Sullivan photo had been sold recently enough, that it'd been on their website just Monday, taken down by yesterday for they asked a man there to assist them.   Instead, they saw "a lot of naked people sculptures and The Thinking Man."   M would love to spend a full day in that museum, or days. 

I'd tried to find a seisiun in New York City that they could visit (her attempts unsuccessful).  Here are just two of the sites I looked at:  Irish Pubs in New York; Traditional Irish Music Session Listing, and a bunch of band websites and phone calls:)   Note that some spell it as session.  There IS a seisiun tonight, just at 10:30 p.m., and The Mickey Finn's  Home are playing at 8pm where M's mini-group ate lunch yesterday, The Irish Rogue and Restaurant.  THE IRISH ROGUE | Pub & Restaurant |   Eh, maybe not an evening show in a pub for these kids, lol, but *I* would possibly love it!  :)   Heck, come this weekend, all sorts of good Irish / celtic rock shows, yes, including Black 47 at Connolly's (   I will have to roadtrip sometime.......  with adults.   Scott Carney blogs about his Irish rock band, Bangers and Mash, in Diary of a Bandman:  (

M talked so excitedly when she called last night, lol, Yvonne from The Irish Rogue was the woman whom they interviewed.  Yvonne was born "here" of Irish immigrant parents, her entire family moving back to Ireland, with her moving back 4 years ago.  So, thanks Yvonne.   Seems a bit fancy of a "pub," but if it's in Hell's Kitchen, and check out that menu, it's ethnic enough for 12 and 13-year olds:) 

Ah, what'd I miss?  Yes, something Heights.   They visited (xxxx) Heights, also, for their Spanish class.  M was allowed to use the taperecorder when interviewing someone there.  And, as anticipated, M's chaperone, teacher Mo's friend, is nice. 

Mom e-mails me today that she got to text back and forth some with M yesterday (apparently Mom figured it out, she had trouble at first), and talk a bit, too. 

I just got a text message, "Love ya!"

U 2 sweetie call me when u can

(Actually, I know she will call me if she can; M told me a few times that I HAD to stay home tonight, not go to a mini ceili, but watch Grey's Anatomy as it's the third part of 3, and does Meredith make it or does she die/crown?  I debated taping it, for both of us.  Not that I know HOW.  Not that I know if I have a DVR.   Then E told me it's a dance workshop tonight, not a mini-ceili.  It'll be great, really it will be, but, with me out the past 2 nights?  Hmmm.  Daisy needs me at home.  *I* need me at home.  Watching Grey's, reading the paper, and housework but who likes to think of that.  I'll cry if Meredith dies daggnabbit, don't say "devastating conclusion."  But, the students?  They're fine!   Even if I miss M.)

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