Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm feeling almost human again now:) Ahhh, that warm shower felt great.

I woke up at 4:53 p.m. Actually, that's not quite right. I got into the kitchen at 4:53 p.m.. I'd been awake a short while, obviously stirring just enough for the cats to notice. They'd come around me for a combination of snuggling / scratch my neck time, and seeing when I'd get UP and feed them dinner. Daisy had her head on my chest, her body turned so her belly was up. This was on purpose -- she's always love

This was on purpose -- she's always loved belly rubs. I think back to the day M and I picked up Daisy from the shelter. The young vet checked her out one last time, smiling, and holding Daisy belly up. He was rubbing her belly, telling us that she really likes that. That Daisy was a favorite of his, and I could tell. So, yes, she still gets belly rubs. She's still in a home where she is loved.

Daisy even got three walks earlier today, one a long one in the wow, is this a bit of warmth sun, another after my shower which felt colder again, and will get at least one more. She likes Saturdays, too:)

I could have still joined my friends in time to travel the hour to the ceili, after their dinner. I'll let the guy know who coordinated this, though, that I'd really like to another time, I was just sick this time. We'll be having a bit afternoon tomorrow -- fundraiser time -- enjoying great music, and other talented performers we're honored to also be on the set list with. Hmmm, still need to iron that skirt. Iron is a 4-letter word, yanno... :)

Chores this a.m., and the walks, and made myself eat a bit before noon. Amy's frozen food pesto tortellini. Yum:) Read "the" paper. In the real estate section, they provided a website link to a neutral source, for more information on reverse mortgages. Great! I'll go there later. Did NOT get the paperwork done, but ha, glad I didn't bother with one thing -- I got the notice in todays mail I was waiting for and was feeling forced to ask about. I apparently
. I apparently needed the sleep.

Besides, now I get a chance to IM with a good friend, who GOT THE JOB YEAH!!! Albeit, I have a $7. coupon good through today.... so I may still get out yet.

Tis the season for Irish stuff, but that's another entry.....
cough cough ahh, hi Tinker:)

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