Sunday, February 25, 2007

Everything's stopped.

Everything's stopped. It's as if on pause. Inches of snow on the branches and limbs. Daisy snoring:) If crews came in NOW, it'd be fine in time for school tomorrow.

I did pray for snow. More specifically, that it wouldn't be ice. Please, Lord, I asked, please have it stay at 32F or below, please have it stay cold enough for this beautifully fluffy thick snow to stay snow, not ice. It was icy sleety hail something this a.m. I didn't want that.

Even while I pondered, looking out at the snow, the big puffy fluffy heavy flakes with the service in the background, if God sometimes just liked to remind us that He is in charge. That if M has to reschedule her rehearsals, if my ceili (dance) gets canceled, it may be part of His plan.

I wanted to go dancing today. I really wanted to, been looking forward to it. I even made cookies YESTERDAY for the potluck dinner break, and I rarely plan ahead that far for it. I got Dad his groceries, nails clipped, socializing, and lightbulbs replaced, yesterday, so I'd be more free for the ceili today. Ironically, I didn't know of the impending ice storm (the prediction) at the time, and the one store wasn't very crowded.

I wanted to go dancing today, whether or not "KuteGuy" would be there again, and yes, he merits a K for Kute, lol, a guy new to "our" big ceili's at last months. He was great fun to talk with, and dance with. Even if he's not there, heck, I go for the natural high, even maybe up for a touch of socializing, great music, and, primarily, to dance.

It's "just" snow, driveable, 5 inches worth by now??? snow. Yet, calling for freezing rain, sleet, other crapola. Safer to have it canceled, and I got an e-mail and a call about it. That's nice of them.

So, Lord, what now? Just a break? Or, are we done here, in this part of the world, in this county? I'd really like M to have school tomorrow! :) A delay is fine.
It's really pretty, Lord. I'm glad M's rehearsal is canceled, helps me feel she's safer, too. But, by tomorrow, can't roads and sidewalks be clear?

Yes, sigh, of course, Lord. Your will be done. Thank you for the snow:) Really. Kids and dogs were playing in it. Laughter (and safety) is good. But, school tomorrow, is that too much to ask, Lord? A delay, maybe, I see it may be up to 43F degrees, so maybe they'll think a delay will warm things up enough? :) Okay, okay, I have things to do, and You'll worry about this. Yes, I'm safe, M's safe, Dad has food and things. But, if you could please, school tomorrow for this county, would be really helpful:) (three four as it requires four words I think)

E TOLD me I wouldn't find anyone to date at a ceili, lol, even if I agree with him, even if, at least months BIG ceili, he was pointing out to me a single guy near his table (he didn't see Kuteguy). Ah, yes, E, I know. Tis okay. I just wanted to dance, and, that apparently is waiting.


  1. we just got 15 inches of snow here over the last few praying for the buses tomorrow morning too :o)

  2. got snow and now ice coming down. i am so ready for spring.

  3. Snow, ice!! I want to hear more about KuteGuy.  I hope that spring arrives soon and you can thaw out.  The way that you write about your love of dancing, I can imagine that you are a wonderful dancer and I bet KuteGuy notices that as well.  No matter what, just keep enjoying the dance.--Sheria