Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back to "normal."

back to "normal" : hearing wind outside
Daisy helps me unpack M's things. I'm putting her trash into the recycling and the trashcan. Daisy drags out the package of unopened cashews. I put away something else, and Daisy carries out the bag with the bagel in it M told me was in there.

M's written on loose-leaf paper as her journal, having forgotten her actual journal and two notebooks (even though she spent the night at school the night before they departed). Another woman commented upon pick up that M is so organized. I smile. M, and I, both have to work hard at that, or else we're utterly disorganized. M's daypack and suitcase were well organized, clothes folded, this was worn, this hasn't been, toiletries nicely kept in their spot.

I pull out one of M's layered shirt combinations, and Daisy sticks her nose into it, repeatedly. She's more excited over this one than the others, so perhaps M wore this one last. Daisy starts to whimper some. Ahhh, girl, I know. You miss M, too, and I got to see her and you didn't. It's okay, M will be home-home soon! Daisy didn't react like this when M was talking on the phone.

I read until her journal stops abruptly. Their chaperone was lost the first day so M's group joined the Soviet Jews group, visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral, but then a synagogue and Kosher restaurant. She LOVED Hairspray, as did Mr. L. He only had two main comments for me when I asked him how the trip went, and one was how good Hairspray was (possibly his only Broadway show?). (She did get a program, which I'd suggested. I can't find the ticketstub.)  M wrote of her surprise for their second attempt at Five Points, that part of it is now part of Chinatown!

M took over 100 new photos, one real cool Statue of Liberty one with light behind her, just none from Wednesday. Perhaps it didn't occur to M to buy more new batteries until we talked Wednesday night.

I find a metro (subway) card in M's pants pocket. From the DC metro. I readwhere she'd used the New York subway system, but I didn't think they'd traveled to/from Union Station by "the" metro. I suppose M texting me saying she was at (station name) should have clued me in, lol, I thought she meant on the highway near there.

Here's the pink metal "entry fee" pin that "the" MET gives out, a paper with my grandfather's name on it apparently from their Ellis Island trip, a couple receipts.... I see Daisy stretching out her neck, her nose over a pair of M's worn panties, mouth ready to grab it and run. Our eyes lock. HA!, I'm quicker:) (Or, she let me "win.")

It was good to see M:) She appeared to be wearing what she wore when I dropped her off on Monday, lol, but I realized it wasn't. The sweatshirt the same, and the same as Thursday per her photos, lol. Apparently she did find time for a shower, and a touch of mascara that'd worn off. So much "stuff!" M shifted through things, what she wants at school, with her, sending with me. She pulled out a pink "I heart NY" bear for Si, adding to dance shoes and riding pants and treat for Chance and.... a lot.

C, or actually Sh, wasn't there yet when I left, about 20 minutes after the bus was scheduled to arrive, (15 after it had arrived). Many others were there and I knew Sh was enroute. M told me she'd called and talked with Grandma and Bampbob, too, another hug and kiss. They all seemed happy, so I"m glad:)

I hear little scratches. There was once a squirrel who got stuck behind the kitchen cabinets at my father's; it'd dropped down there but couldn't crawl back up. (I tried in vain to break through and save it.) These were similar scratching sounds, just not to the same level of utter desperation.

I had trouble opening up the laundry room door, for the hamper had fallen against it from the inside. A little white Billy appears, pauses, blinks in the light and seeing me there, and runs out as quickly as he could.


  1. The bf told me that the first time he brought his younger daughter to St Patrick's Cathedral she was 8.  An employee  spoke with her & she asked what she had to do to be married there. lol

  2. Yeah M is home.  I'll bet your happy.  ~ Mike