Friday, February 23, 2007

and so, I wait

"Getting ready to leave the Hostle" was my morning text message.   M means the Youth Hostel where they'd stayed, checked out, heading back to Maryland. 

"On train got on at (time)."  Good, on time as planned.  I'd checked Amtrak online from Penn station (NY), to Union Station (DC), but I couldn't seem to get just the schedule from previous to the time I was online checking, which would have been when M and her class departed.   We were texting each other asking when her particular train's SCHEDULED to arrive, lol, finally, I call.  She doesn't know, either.  Parent were given an estimate, though, for arrival back at school.  M will call or text me when they arrive at Union station. 

So, I wait.  I got to chat just briefly with M last night, long enough for her to say she wants me to meet her, too.   Her dad, C's, long-term girlfriend, Sh, will pick up M for her weekend with them (and their daughter, Si).   There's a sleeping bag and pillow at the school, and M's luggage and "stuff," to come home, not go with her to school Monday morning.   M has 2 1/2 hours of dance performance rehearsal (or 3 1/2?) so she'll need her step dance shoes, plus riding pants for her horse back riding lesson Monday, especially as C balked at letting her go this past Monday, M will be so eager to see Chance again and give him his Valentine's "cone" treat.   M knows she NEEDS her backpack, too.   I can imagine she has homework to work on, thoughts to write down, whether in her journal or for their upcoming presentations.  Maybe more Algebra, too.

I think that M is missing home, having a blast, just also missing home, people close with her.   The "stuff" switch is a good excuse for her to have me say hi, too, though:)

Last night, M had asked me about Meredith in Grey's Anatomy, mostly via texting with me as she'd also talked with Si twice on the phone.  Meredith, btw, had this uncertainty about whether or not to live or die as if a touch of pseudo-suicide, desire for life winning out after a touching "you are anything but ordinary" hug from her recently deceased mother.   To summarize "I think mere will live but her mother dies" "YEAH!!!!!! BOO!!!!!" didn't seem to do it quite justice.   (On a side note, I hope that the show explores Meredith's depression, suicidal thoughts she'd had, et al, at least a bit more fully.)

M's group did NOT go to "the" wax museum, as it cost "like $25. or something."  She instead joined a friend for their Spanish interview/study, with that chaperone, thought of visiting Little Italy but calculating travel time, may have missed curfew.   Just enough personal choice and rules.   Even if the Met tickets were free, so that does rather balance out the $25. cost for the wax museum, hey, their choice, still well made.

Hmmm.  I thought they'd be departing Union Station by now.....   eh, I'm fine:)  I'll wait for my quick notice, then at school.  Sh shouldn't get upset and should understand (why I'm also there), have to exchange all that stuff.   For my quick contact with M, but, that's okay:)   I do hope she has a grand time this weekend.   Just rather glad she wants to see me quickly, too.   Ahh, what full stories she'll have to tell! 



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  1. HI Robin- I'll have to read more of your journal too- I can't get up on things reading just this one entry lol.  I wanted to pop by and thank you for visiting me, and come back any time :)  I'm glad I came though, I noticed you have a few topics on ADHD- I've not had him tested, but I'm pretty sure my son has it.  The more I read about it the more convinced i am- so I'll have some more reading to do.  Thank you so much!  Have a Blessed Weekend!  Carolyn