Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Spring! (so declares my daughter)

M gets into the truck this morning, "It's Spring!"   I smile and don't correct her.   Meteorological winter ends tonight.  I keep to myself that it's usually ROBINS who declare when it's springtime (I like to joke that I get to decide).  A neighbor dogwalker says she's assuming this is the last of the snow, "then again, I said that last time." 

A friend says she's looking forward to the rebirth:)

"It has to be Spring.  When else can I wear a short-sleeved shirt and not be cold?"  I'd made her take at least a sweatshirt.   She didn't wear more than that, yesterday, even if snowpeople decorated the school field, the only bits of snow left.

Today, her group will make community lunch.   Manicotti, garlic bread, she can't remember if there's also salad or not, and maybe brownies.   Yum, can I join?  lol (I wouldn't, but am getting hungry).   It'd been delayed since February 7th. 

I could check out the actual weather, but my daily weather checks are based more on how cold I feel in my first morning walk with Daisy, and what the mail carrier is wearing.   Today, he had on a turtleneck under a short-sleeved "official work" polo, the sleeves of the turtleneck pushed up.   He said he had ice on his truck this morning.   Obviously he starts driving much earlier than I do lol.

Coworker says it's warming up nicely, a comparative heat wave.  Hmmm, will it get out of the 50's?  Last day in February.  I don't feel as if it's quite Spring YET.   Even if my coworker from Maine excitedly passed along to me that he'd seen a pileated woodpecker the other week, and I'd heard one the week previous (on a warm day).  And, a flock of robins greeted me one morning, colorful on top of the snow trying to feed (had I left nuts there???).    Nah, when I'm WARM walking outside without a sweater or jacket, then it's Spring:)

Ah, tis gorgeous out, the topic of conversation today among many.   Even if I agree with our mail carrier.   He says he's with M in spirit, but thinks around this area, we have more time left.   Then, expectantly, he tells me it could reach 60F's tomorrow!   Ah, yes, I'll wait for tomorrow, too!

Please note -- a full moon eclipse is predicted for this weekend, March 3rd/Saturday night -- see Guido's post which includes a NASA link.   Date for your diary

(So now I'm singing total eclipse of the sun......   forget what the song name is.)


  1. It's grey, wvery windy and raining non-stop here in South UK, even my car is flooded inside and my fences are down :(
    Not spring here at all, still winter and I have the heating on

  2. This is just the tease before we get hammered with that two week stretch of 10 degree weather we get every March. But I'll take it for now. I just hope my Daffodils don't come up too early and freeze at the tips like they did last year.


  3. I'm dying for spring. I'm out walked around looking for little buds on the trees, anything that gives me a teeny little sign. Of course, if my little town topped out over 50 degrees I think it would feel like a heat wave :o)