Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's Hail.

It's HAIL out there.  Or was.  It looks like actual snow now.   I left to get M from school, and it was hailing.   With slushy crap on the streets.  Little bits of ice coming down, ice on my windows.   The driver-side door is frozen shut. 

Partially to M's school, she calls me (she can't use her cell phone during school hours, of course).  "Can I go to (friends) house?"   I had her confirm with the friends mom first, and then called back to remind her to bring home her medical form for the New York trip.   She feels she has a week still, but it requires the pediatrician to sign it, meaning by this Friday, so that M can have her inhaler with her. 

A woman at the bank works at one of the local middle schools.   I overheard her saying that the first lunch shift had to be served at 10:10 a.m.   I suppose that the schools can count it as a full day if the students eat lunch.   Of course, they start their day so doggone early.   I get back outside.   There are icicles on the vehicle closest to the door.   Then I see iciciles on my vehicle.

I call Boss to see if he wants me to pick up some lunch for him, too.  He responds with a no, thanks, as he has to go by the store, anyway, to pick up a card.  I pause.  Just "a" card?  His wife and two girls are really into birthdays.  I KNOW they'd also be really into Valentine's Day.  Roses or flowers would freeze traveling today.... "Maybe you can pick up some chocolates or something, too."  "Or something." 

I come back in to hear several saying that our office is going to be let out early.   Crazy getting word out once it's official.  (At this point, we're closed, just M is over her friends playing.)

I quiz Boss -- the girls got gifts already, Crocs they've been begging for, and he has a thoughtful, small but thoughtful, gift for his wife.   Okay, good:)   

I don't want hail.  I want SNOW!  Of course, I could still get it.  I hope:)

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  1. That was crazy! I just got home from work. What a pain in the butt to get home, and I've got 4 wheel drive.


  2. I always quizzed my boss like that. And I used to express real distain if I didn't think the gifts were worthy of wife/child!

  3. I remembered you had this entry, so I came over to check how long ago it was that it "hailed" (just another one of the many wonderful uses of j-land). Can you believe this stuff? I've never seen a coat of ice that you can walk (or slide) on last this long. It's been a full week and the landscape in the back is just as shiny and devoid of footprints as it was a week ago. Crazy weather.