Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Empty Bowls

M and her class are serving an "Empty Bowls" meal tonight.  I'm rather excited that they are part of this.   They actually got overwhelmed with responses, so have backup plans in place.   I'm proud of the work they have all done.   After chosing this project, they've made clay bowls, painted them, had them fired, and they may not be ready for tonight's meal.....   BUT, a local pottery place donated 20 bowls to this worthy project, which the class went and painted last Friday, and will be there waiting tonight.   Along with over twice that many plastic bowls.   We're to eat in shifts:)

I get ahead of myself.   Empty Bowls Official Web Site  This is for hunger charity.   People, mostly parents and family, were asked to join the students for dinner tonight.  There is a minimum donation amount of $5./bowl, which I know doesn't even cover the cost of this.   We will be served soup, also made by the class, and then get to keep the bowl.   (Or, provided a nice handmade one later.)   All proceeds go to a hunger charity.  How cool is that?!

M's combined 7th/8th grade class, earlier in the year, made a traditional Native American bread oven.   Today, they were to make at least 13 loaves of bread in that oven, which is outside.   And it's been arctic-weather so to speak, VERY cold.   The soup was made and frozen some time ago, or at least first batches.   Some students were asked to stay after and help today.   I rather hope that M was not, as she didn't know of it last night, and she's to go with her father, C, tonight (I did remind her that he'd need to know if she was planning on staying after school).  

(Okay, I also personally hope that they come down for this, bringing her at least.  This is being held in combination with Parent/Child night, for the primary and elementary students.   Some will eat first as a family and then Parent/Child.  Last year, M planned lessons to show C and me, and Sh and Si if they showed.  I was there.  I waited.   C never brought M down.   (Teacher offered for me to come a class day.)  She'll be heartbroken not to stay being part of this tonight, so hoping that this is not an issue this year.   He's been comparatively better, so!)

I got an e-mail today, from teacher Mo's e-mail, but from one of M's classmates, indicating what time I'm to arrive:)   I'd not heard of the Empty Bowls Project before.   A lot of planning and different skills went into this by the students.   I think it's awesome:)


  1. Oh, this sounds wonderful!!!!! I will go and check out the website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this sounds like a very worthy cause. I hope it goes well. let us know how the soup and bread was. ((((((hugs))))))

  3. I've never heard of this but I love the concept.  Thank you for including the link.  What a wonderful project for your daughter and her classmates to take on!--Sheria