Saturday, February 10, 2007

Daisy "protects" me. Her head is on M's pillow, her body on the blanket I put over the clean clothes, to protect them from her until I fold them in a few. She is tired again, but raises her head occasionally, did someone walk by? Just a bit of a muffled bark, thankfully. Beagles can HOWL.
Pretty Boy/Captain is getting a drink from the cat water bowl in the bathroom sink. I keep it there, cuz if I put it on the floor, Daisy drinks it all up. Daisy has a full bowl of water on the kitchen floor (which the cats also "sneak" and use), but Daisy prefers the cats bowl. lol
I'm altering my plans for the day. I can't dare get my father sick. He's refused the flu shot this year, "I don't go anywhere." I tried to tell him that I could bring in germs, or they could be on the grocery bags, or now, via the Wheels on Meals, um, Meals on Wheels, lol, or on the mail. Cough. I'm not horribly sick, aka "justmary" and her flu. Thankfully. But, enough. We were to have him visit me today (I'd pick him up). He doesn't get many outings. He wants to watch a video on reverse mort
reverse mortgages. I'm less thrilled about that, and (mty brother) Doug does NOT want Dad to take out a reverse mortgage. They'd sent a VHS. Megan had to explain to me that our VHS play is still there, but she's pretty certain it doesn't also work, anymore. I should try it. So, Dad has them call me, oy, on my cell as it's the only # of mine he remembers. I ask them to send a DVD of it instead. I'd hoped I could get him to take a shower, or bath, here. He says his shower works fine.
I realize now that he thought it had not, saying he's bathed in the sink. Uh-huh..... sometimes, yes, I can tell. But. He has dementia, see, he is sometimes very lucid again (from my last entry on him), but bathing isn't as regular or seemingly as important. A plumber will come replace his leaking toilet, after Dad finds $500. I sure hope the guy at least turned off the leaking part.
I'm not thrilled with feeling not so great, but I like the idea of having more time. I could still drop off groceries to Dad, or tomorrow, quickly. It's not critical, though. M and I went by there Wednesday with a lot of things; Meals on Wheels had not come by. Perhaps they don't when schools are closed, so I need to check, just so that I know.
It's barely 20F outside now, or wait, AOL is saying 21F. And, not windy. Captain is now on top of a door, looking regal. Tinkerbell is looking sleepy in "her" basket. It was a basket for babydoll Bitty Baby, some years ago when M played with Bitty Baby. The basket faces a window. She looks at me, and then outside. I'm not sure if she can see me this far away, or my shadow. Stinker Tinker likes to sit on top of the computer monitor when one of us is online. I imagine it gets warm.
Billy Boy slept on TOP of the blanket with me last night. Some nights this past week, it's been a one dog/two cat night. I explained to M how the band, Three-dog Night got its name. It may be only in the 20'sF outside, but, that helps take the edge off, that extra bitter cold chill is gone. And the wind is down. Blessedly warmer:) Blessedly, we have heat inside, even if it struggled sometimes in the most bitter weather; I had worried.
My nose and legs would get quite cold in a short time. My uncovered fingers from my fingerless gloves would actually hurt as if getting frostbitten just from my truck to our front door. M didn't fight me about wearing her coat, albeit she sometimes didn't wear quite as many layers as me, her mother, wanted her to. Now, it's "just" winter. A bit of snow left in spots. The cold dry air hurting my throat some when I'd breathe, walking Daisy, my nose now stuffed up.
Doubtful it's strept, though. I KNOW how streptococcus feels in MY body, being quite susceptible to it. My throat isn't killing me, nor did it hurt a TON right away. I can drink orange juice, one of my indicators. Even if those lime-flavored chips scratched. I think it's an unpleasant cold. M had this on Wednesday, and on Thursday a.m. She says she felt better Friday a.m. Hopefully, she is feeling okay now:) M's with her father for the weekend.
M was at her dad's on Wednesday day, too, the snow day! with, per my bosses guess, about 4 inches of snow. Except he went on in to work, and M didn't get to play outside in it. Being she ended up not feeling 100%, I'm glad she didn't go getting herself too cold.
Sigh, so my head hurt ssome, I'd like to go back to sleep. I have tons I can do, though, even without visiting my father (I will call him, whether or not he remembers, and sometimes he really does and he waits for me). paperwork, mine and his (I promised I'd pay his Meals on Wheels and The Washington Post, but it's hard copy bills needing me to write a check, find an envelope, find a stamp, get it in the mailbox.... which is why I typically pay MY bills online:)
I need to call the orthodontist office back -- M's mouth really cannot go waiting to get restarted, per her visit 8 days ago. But, they'll be closed today.

I need to call the woman about the Irish step dance solo dress. I just don't seem to remember "home" things while at work, even if it'd take just a minute or two. We've e-mailed. She held the dress for me to buy for M:) How nice. She even knocked off $50. She re-sent me her number. (I lose numbers, too.) I have to call her, maybe meet

M will be so thrilled:) M can use this solo dress in at least one show coming up. It'll be a surprise for now, though. etc.

I could go to a ceili tonight. Friends are, dinner first. It'd be fun, but I need my energy for Sunday. Sunday afternoon is a big fundraiser for a local St. Patrick's Day parade. My group is one of the ones dancing. Oh, yeah, I need to iron that skirt...... I did find it. I did wash my top:)

I could even catch up on my newspaper reading...... housework. Return really needed shoes that end up not fitting me. Or, nap with Daisy girl, well, not there. So, if you find yourself with a full Saturday to yourself to fill, what do YOU do?! :)
I may just have to rest a little bit longer....... maybe M is, too, then again, I think Si tends to be eager to play with M, and runs in M's room and wakes her up.

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