Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Two by Two

Nods to Becky.  I can do this one, there are only simple questions and two at a time!  :)  Justmary answered a long reflective survey in two parts, too long of one for me albeit informative..... 

The mommy Amy at Two by two snagged this one of Becky's from Marie (with potato pancakes that look scrumptious, link to Marie's Muses in the Two by Two link), and I took this from another mommy Amy's private journal  Becky's 2x2 , who also has the public journal about her journey with Sam, highlighted on the left.

Two Names You Go By:

1.  Robin and my middle name (which I like better)

2.  Mom

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. a pink long sleeved shirt

2.  dusty-pink clogs

Two Things You Would Want (or have) in a Relationship:
1. Honesty and Respect (okay, two in one)

2. Love

Two of Your Favourite Things to do: (oh, is Becky from the UK, she spelled it favourite!)  Not in order:
1. Be outdoors (preferably not in bitter cold)

2. Dance (what a surprise!)

3.  Read

4.  Spend time with M (so I added two to two)

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:

1.  To have already gone to the grocery store (with dinner ready, too, as I'm getting hungry plus I need catfood).

2.  Sleep.

Two pets you had/have:
1 and 2.  
Robbie, an orange tabby my aunt Vesta named after me, whom I had along with his mother Erin, theee sweetest dilute-white calico.  I got Erin when I was in college at the University of Maryland, so from a shelter nearest the College Park campus.   I was told she was too young to be spayed, wait about 2 months.   She was just little for her young age, the shelter had had to guess but were wrong.   At least she seemed to like the daddy! :)   Robbie was one of four, the only male the first to learn how to crawl up steps and explore.

Robbie taught Erin how to go play outside (my cats now are all indoors, I'm in a condo, not then).   He'd often bring me presents he'd caught, once, 3 nights in a row.   Erin was observant.   She came in my bedroom window the next summer evening, carrying a bottlecap in her teeth.   Erin gave me that bottlecap, and so I fussed over her even more than I'd fuss over Robbie for every one of his presents.   Erin seemed very pleased, and felt no need to try this gaming thing again. 

I'd left them at my father's when I moved into our own place, infant M and me.  My brother was living with Dad at the time, my dad "okay," a nice house and large lawn with fields behind them.   Robbie once spent literally hours watching behind the couch while Doug read.   Doug finally moved the couch a bit, and let Robbie get that mouse.  

Then Erin got hit by a tree that fell during Hurricane Bertha, or so Doug told me (was it really a car?)  He buried her before I could see her.   Doug was going to move out, so with Robbie acting depressed, I took him back.  M was old enough then, I figured.   Ah, Robbie boy, lived with us until he was 20 and had cancer.  At age 18, the vet said that Robbie had the body of a 12-year old, or something like that.  He'd sit on our patio and the dogs would strain at their leashes, or even run away scared.  LOL.   I was known as Robbie's Mom, until we got Daisy.   I knew Robbie wouldn't live years longer, M so wanted a dog, I let them overlap.   Somewhere, I have a photo of jumpy puppy Daisy and mellowed RobbieBaby touching noses.  I did let Doug know when M and I went to bury Robbie in the backyard there, by his mom, and Doug actually came and I think tried not to cry.


1. Sharon if she reads this entry; Mike if he's in the mood to; Dan if he ever returns from his hiatus, maybe; hmmmmm, not so sure Fred or Mary will, no threat of puppies dying on this one. ;)

2.  Surprise me..........

Two things you did last night:
1. Read physics of avalanches and physics of skiing with M, after we ate dinner, partially during dinner, too, I suppose.

2. Danced two! dances with my favorite dancer, E, (North Kerry Set and Clare Lancers), and a few other fun dances, 6-hand Fairy Reel, 4-hand Reel, and Siege of Ennis, in a rehearsal with my ceili/set dance group.

Two things you ate today:
1. Breyer's blueberry yogurt

2. asparagus

Two people you Last Talked To:
1. Boss as he wrapped up his day earlier (he goes on a golfing vacation, sure hoping it's not nearly as windy there, and that he gets out of town before the snow comes here!  he will).

2. Two coworkers.  One was WhinyGuy saying it's possibly the coldest day all year in Maine, and a bit jokingly that last year on his interview here March 10th there were daffodils blooming.   I told them that this year, they started budding in January, and that it's not yet Saturday (which is March 10th).  He did finally concede that it's a good day for wearing a coat, just not go far enough to say it's cold here.   Uh-huh.

Two Things You're doing tomorrow:
1.  Seeing my missy M!   Helping her be certain to have her homework done for Thursday (two projects).

2. Oh, perhaps going to a lenten class at noon I almost forgot about and I forget each year as the particular day itself rolls by.   It can be on my calendar, I can remember that morning, but noon is somehow so early in the day to be someplace for.  It's for 4 weeks.  In theory, I can do this.  In reality, I'm tired.   Where's the time?   I should make the time.   Can I do this and stop home, too?  Sigh.  Or, I'll visit Dad most likely as I'm not sure I will tonight, needing the grocery store trip first and all.

Two longest car rides: 

1. Maryland to Maine, and back.   Actually, it feels longer coming back.

2. Maryland to Illinois, and back.  Too long.

3. Los Angeles, California, to Portland / Eugene, Oregon (with stops along the way).  So I've added one.  Shoot me.  It was beautiful.  My dad's big adventure with Doug and me after my parents divorce.  My uncle Dan, lived in El Segundo (near LA), and my aunt, Beth, and uncle Len, lived in Eugene at the time, Ian just a toddler then.   Now he's about to marry, and if M and I can go, it won't be via car. :)

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas

2. Independence Day, in part as it's M's favorite, and somehow, that has me enjoying it more again, too.   It's the holiday for almost everyone (in the US), really, and I've enjoyed it in different scenarios and states, from the beaches of/near Santa Barbara, California, to the stands of Beech Ridge Speedway in Maine, and all those years with M..... it IS quite close to her birthday.

Two favorite beverages:
1. Chai tea latte's apparently, at least this past winter.

2. Flavored waters.

3.  If talking alcoholic drinks -- I don't drink much, but when I DO, a GOOD beer, or a gin and tonic with lime.



  1. onecrabn3lilfishMarch 6, 2007 at 2:42 PM

    All beer tastes like pig pee to me.  EWE. Not as though I ever tasted pig pee. What's a lenten class?


  2. seraphoflove9001March 6, 2007 at 2:47 PM

    I love your answers! :o) I might end up doing this, it looks like fun! :o)

  3. I always love to read these!!! You learn a lot about people!!!!

  4. great answers, have a great day, MISSY