Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Because I'm Mom, and Mom is cold.

The one television meteorologist said that winds are up to 41 MPH today, another one said 44 MPH, making it approximately 1F degree outside with the wind chill factor.  

Earlier, Daisy was in a mood to move it this morning for her walk, so we walked and speed walked.   I'm glad she wasn't in a sniffing every little blade of grass and tree and the air mode, as I then don't move enough to stay or get warm.   I felt warm inside, not bone-chilling cold, yet my face was feeling windwhipped, getting chapped and colder.  Sometimes, I have to have my fingers exposed, my mittens altered to fingerless gloves, and yes they were feeling rather frozen.

I thought of my whiny coworker, who complained earlier this winter that it was not cold.   How it was x degrees colder in Maine right then.   And it was.  And Maine was, and is today, comparatively, colder.   I've lived in Maine, too.   I think he expected empathy from me.  Yet, it was in the single digits in Maryland the day Whiny Guy was complaining.  "Yes, it IS colder in Maine, but it is still cold here, it's below freezing, that is cold."  He persisted.  Wind chill calculations are not something he believes in, "Because, let's face it, who goes outside in this weather with skin exposed and wind chill factors are based upon how the temperatures feel on exposed skin....."   I offered for him to walk my dog in the mornings before he goes to work:)   He did decline.   Even if this morning, very cold and brisk even through to my legs, it felt good to really walk and move, and I'm not fully certain I'd have traded for anyone else to have taken that time.

Inside, I drink my chai tea latte, fixing M's hot chocolate and our meals.  "I want you to wear a sweater AND your coat today, honey." 

She'd continued to talk excitedly yesterday about a math project, read her seminar papers on the physics of avalanches and of skiing (and had me read them, ask her questions to get her talking and thinking), told me at least twice that she'd be painting the backdrops today for their upcoming play.  But, this morning, not moving, not going to school, having Daisy just stay cuddled by, was M's preference.  Even with the heat on quite toastily, and her hot chocolate du jour, "arctic white."   She's outgrown yet another pair of pants, but the sweater fits, yeah, and she likes it:) 

(I'm just happy that her solo dress is still long enough!  Um, I think.)   I'd checked my e-mail just in case the notice came out, stating which morning this week M and her dance troupe will be on a morning television show.   It's not there, so we re-talk about how to handle logistics if it's on for first thing tomorrow morning.  M seemed a bit anxious.  Her costumes, where are her shoes, anyway, and that if C can't/won't drive her, I am willing to.     "ppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she had written me, lol.   M gets her camera to show photos from New York to C, Sh, and Si.   She also took some GREAT shots from Saturday's parade!   I asked her not to delete any of those.  I forgot to send along the class photo I'd bought for C to have.   I mention to M that maybe she can take photos today, too.   M brightened, "I can take pictures of us painting the backdrop." 

M puts on the backpack, gets her coat.   "M, I think you'll want to wear your coat outside this morning."   It was quite warm Saturday, a beautiful day for a parade.   Colder yesterday.  Today, she needs that coat.   She declines to.  Walking to my vehicle, "See it's not that cold out."   Did she not catch a windy moment or what? 

"Here are my dance sneakers, oh, and back here are my dance shoes."   "Okay, good."  I know where her dresses and costumes are, and now, after dropping off M, I know that her t.v. show performance will NOT be tomorrow which makes life easier.  M talked more about various photo op ideas, and how it's hard for her to sit with her backpack still on her back.   Ah, yeah, I think so.  M gets out of the truck with a goodbye, and without her coat.   "M, take your coat."  Reluctantly, she does, without an attitude or expression, perhaps with a slight sigh, along with the bag of clothes for her dads.

She'll wear the coat or not wear it, but by golly, on a day like today?  The wind was too much for her yesterday outside at The Barn, visiting Chance but otherwise staying inside.   Yesterday, it was windy enough that I could feel it blowing my relatively stable truck.  It may snow tomorrow.   Of course it may snow tomorrow, it'll be a Wednesday.  She's at least taking the daggone thing :)


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  1. seraphoflove9001March 6, 2007 at 2:38 PM

    Oh....it has been so cold and windy here in Ohio too! bbbrrr! I can feel it come through the walls! well, it seems thats way! :o)