Thursday, March 8, 2007

It's building up now, heading for the grand moments

A big weekend for M is almost upon us, I saw us as I've been taking her to many rehearsals and classes, I make sure she has her things, and pay for them, I'll take her to the studio before dawn tomorrow (yawn!), help take tickets and sell snacks at her big show on Saturday.......   wish her fun for the parade on Sunday:)

If she didn't enjoy it, if she didn't want this, then, she wouldn't.   I could never push a child, my child, to do something optional (unless she'd made a commitment before changing her mind type thing).   Yet, she LOVES this:)

Crunch time is beginning, more e-mails back and forth, does anyone have full-length mirrors, and if so, can you bring them?  Yes, just like for last year.   The last costume came in last night, which looks lovely on M:)   Covered nicely, will show well on stage.  (Oh, will they need makeup for tomorrow a.m.?)

Tomorrow morning, M and her performing dance troupe will be live on a news station bit in the overall Washington/Baltimore area.  (Anyone in the area who wishes to know specifically what time and what station, please just e-mail me; I don't wish to post it publically.)   M is SO excited for it:)   She'll wear this new costume, too.

Tomorrow night, dress rehearsal!  Just, not makeup or hair done.   Typically, hair would be in wigs, but not for this "big show" on Saturday.   The auditorium seats 900 people, and last week, over 500 tickets had been sold, I think???   M is actually more nervous about THIS show.  Perhaps as they'll all be there in front of her.   One of the dances she is in, will be her Cross Reel figures dance, a traditional dance with four pairs of girls, that she and these other girls competited with in December's 2006 Southern Regional Oireachtas.

Saturday, a full show for just the video cameras, and then in front of the full live audience later.   Nicely, it's early enough, not like so many productions are, not too late like their recital nights will be.

Then, Sunday!, the big Baltimore St. Patrick's Day Parade, at 2:00 p.m.   This is what the particular news station wishes to lead into.   M's dance school will hold a party after, renting out a place downtown Baltimore, as per usual.   M will be with C and Sh, so hopefully, Si will wish to dance in the parade.   Typically, C won't bring M to any parades she's been able to be in, much to her dismay.   This year, she MIGHT be able to be one of the dancers on a float, in her solo dress, too.   Time will tell.   I took her one year, so at least she's gone in the past.   And, she went with me last weekend, to the one in Alexandria, even if Why Not? was closed early, as was Bird in a Cage, sigh.

I'm tired right now.  Juggling my father's needs (I so can't do for him everything he needs, even the things he can't do for himself, but, I' try to do what I can do, more shopping for him today, it's just getting it all done, ALL things done), making sure Daisy (and the cats) are not neglected.   Even if there are rehearsals going on, I always make sure Daisy gets a walk and fed and attention before the evening starts.  It's only fair.   Work.   Home life stuff.  Homework!  

Homework for today included M and her group presenting life as an Irish immigrant to other, younger, students in their Montessori school.   I was proud of her for having planned it sufficiently, that all that she personally had left to do last night, was pick up a few "Irish" stickers, and New York City, stickers, and we happened to find some nice Celtic cross stickers for the St. Patrick's Cathedral segment.  Naturally, a bit of garland, and some pencils to hand out, just HAD to be obtained, also.  LOL.

Next week, things will conclude.   There'll be another parade next Saturday, rehearsals and gigs and a mini ceili during the week, and of course a couple on Friday and a mix on Saturday (both M and I have turned down gigs ad conflicting with others), and two big ceili's (one M and V and another will dance step dancing in, maybe / maybe not with Si, also, cuz for some reason, neither C nor Sh can confirm with M).   The last one, we may skip.  Oh, *I* don't wish to miss it, it's with both of my adult ceili/set dance groups and a lot of fun, but, M may be burned out.   She'll get to decide.  There are always other ceili's.  

This year, M has not been asked to perform at school in any of the classes, which is a first.   She instead asked me if we could bring in an ice cream cake, as she saw that Dunkin Donuts makes one with a rainbow and pots of gold.   Ah, maybe:)

The rest of life doesn't stop.   I wish there were more celebrations for other ethnic groups, too.   Really only Chinese New Year (love those parades), and Cinco de Mayo, which I haven't seen a parade for, but I saw a Vive la Fiesta parade in Santa Barbara the summer of 1984 which coincided with the world's Olympics there, and Octoberfest's.  At least I understand a bit more now.   There were more German immigrants than any others, and then Irish.   This parade was originally an attempt to "fight" back, in a way, positively affirm the Irish  heritage against all the prejudice of the times back then.   I'd just like to have more opportunity to learn about OTHER groups, too, for all of us.

Enjoy your weekend, all:)


  1. i get tired out just reading all that you do..where do you find all the energy????????

  2. Ha, oh, this isn't our typical schedule.  It's seasonal, and on high drive these 2 weeks in particular.   That's how:)   As if she's in any other production, just with advertising "shows" / gigs on the side right now, okay, yes, we're busy right now.  LOL.  But, trying to have fun with it:)  

  3. Ohhhh that all sounds like so much fun.  And it always involves work. I would love to see pictures of the costumes and such, especially on her. I think they are so gorgeous!

  4. seraphoflove9001March 8, 2007 at 4:42 PM

    That sounds like fun! :o) I want your energy in a bottle! lol :o)

  5. Ah top o the marnin to ya. Oh my… my can I see our family in this entry. As mentioned earlier my daughter has been a dancin since she was 3, never been on a TV news station thought! YAY M! She's been a workin all year on her "farewell" dance (is the term "swam song?") as she look to graduate from college and move on. She's been with the same studio dancing ballet and jazz all these long years. D choreographed dance herself, with input, and will get to perform it in U dance show as well as studio recital, and a school tour the studio does. Cool thing about this entry is I already know that M's gig was a smashing, roaring success (as if there was ever any doubt!)! Her Irish immigrant group presentation sounds very interesting. Kudos to you for helping her embrace her heritage... roots and wings... the two gifts we can bestow upon our chilren. We have some different ethnic groups in the upper Midwest. Where I teach there is a large Icelandic population so they have a huge celebration on June the first (I think) which is... their independence day methinks. Plus there are lotsa Scandinavian folks about and they have their ethnic celebrations... no parades though... too dang cold for parades and fancy costumes in the northland. You just get drunk and pass out in a snowbank after eating lutefisk and lefse (raw fish soaked in lye and a thin potato break baked on a special grille). There now you know all bout the ‘citing tings done in the land of ice and snow.
    Happy day to you and yours.