Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Today is Wednesday, must mean snow

Today, Wednesday. Must mean snow as it almost always snows here on Wednesdays once our springtime in January ended and winter February began.

Once I decided I'd actually get up and stop rubbing Billy's belly and scratching Liberty's neck, I peeked outside. Ha, just as I'd guessed. From the bed, the limbs still looked, well, brownish black. No snow! And, not snowing.

I surprised myself by telling Indie, "It's winter outside." Didn't I just talk of spring? "No, boy, not today, you're crazy, it's winter outside." I hold him briefly outside, let him see and smell. It didn't seem so bad.

Not until Daisy and I started walking, did the snow start sprinkling down. It's not windy today. A spring bird is chirping a song as if of hope. I wish I could identify it from the sound, yet my hours bird call studies and birding walks failed me this morning. My "ear" isn't that good, much to my dismay.  Other noises seem muffled, as if the cloud cover provided insulation.

Uh-oh. I saw two people, hmmm, boys, older boys, both wearing backpacks, walking AWAY from the direction of the high school. Were they skipping school, were they grabbing some coffee before their particular first class, or, egads, I didn't even bother checking, were schools closed?!

The one young man is wearing two t-shirts, layered fashionably with a short-sleeved one over a long-sleeved one. The other has on a heavy-looking sweatshirt. What IS it with youth and not wearing winter coats? lol    I hear more birds.

Even if it IS extra bitter cold, windchill of negative 35F degrees, in northern New England. (A quote from a teen in the aol welcome page rather sums it up, as reported by William Kates "It's the wind. It's so cold it hurts. You see the sun shining and it doesn't look like a bad day but then as you're walking you get hit with this blast and you can't breathe," said Ben Nestor, 17, who was huddled with four friends waiting for a bus in downtown Syracuse.  "We came downtown to eat lunch.I wished we had stayed home. My legs are frozen," he said.)   
Sometimes, it's good to live in Maryland :)

Besides, M and I have things to do tonight, dance related, of course!, including picking up a costume needed for "Big Show" and t.v. show.  Let her know that M's dance teacher / TCRG Ma, officially invited M to be on the figures team in December's Oireachtas in Atlanta!

Hmmm, maybe 1-3 inches of snow, likely less HERE. Eh, at least she has school:) Those boys scared me momentarily, but, I checked just in case.  Enjoy, all, have a very blessed day wherever you are, staying warm.

Update -- another young man from the same high school was wearing a large heavy coat, even if the snow had stopped by then, restarted by now mid-morning.  Still light snow.   It's pretty, and, life goes on.


  1. seraphoflove9001March 7, 2007 at 6:23 AM

    Oh sounds simialar to our weather here! LOL Ohio weather is so unpredictable. :o) It's a 50 50 chance! lol
    Have a good day!

  2. OMGGG... I have no idea how you found me, but thank you for visiting TheGlassBox. I was feeling a little down today, frustrated really from the deadline that I have to meet by the end of this month... frustrated that I have to continue to keep my weightloss goal on hold. The speaker spoke about ODD. It's a little like ADD, but he was really boring. I see you commented in different entries. I hope you will come back to visit.
    Win =.)

  3. Sorry... forgot to leave link. I wish it was cold here. It is always hot here.

  4. Wishing you a sunny, snowless, Spring like day!!!
    Here in Idaho, we got one of those days yesterday, it was perfect. Have fun tonight!!