Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the mornings are too early

Right now?  It feels great.   It's also almost 70F, give/take.  Last night, Barn Director said, almost gleefully, "It's Daylight Savings Time, winter's over......." basically saying, let the riders stay.   Oh, joy NOT.   It didn't feel late, Megan was having a grand time, besides, a peacock got caught in the indoor ring!!!, but, damn.   "Mom it had an aqua neck, and it'd turn like this...." after having run down with a bucket of water.  (Animal rescue was coming, obviously a bird that'd been domesticated and lost.)   Having the riders / stable helpers stay an extra hour or so, just delays all the nighttime stuff, like homework and showering and grocery shopping and dinner (the last two needing to be done BEFORE my rehearsal).   They still need to get to bed, and an hour earlier than they feel like it. 

Hmmmm, can E ever dance.   It was fun the bit of rehearsal I made it to, while M did homework, I have made friends with this group over the years.   Anyway!

Yes, tomorrow is now today.   Today was worse in the morning.   Things usually hit M worse the next day, anyway, and yesterday was not only 1 hour short, for the idiotic change in times that I hate, anyway, but 3 weeks early?, but, from her dads house, she needs to get up almost an hour earlier, as with rush hour, it can take an hour to drive back to our area.   By last night, M having lost 2 hours, she was TIRED.   She'd even slept in on Sunday, and they skipped the parade (again, C is not into parades even if M may have been dancing on one of the floats).   I gave her the hugs she asked for, exhausted child who'd missed her mom, too, then sent her on in for a shower, which helped.
I hit the snooze twice this morning.   I'd gotten in early Sunday night, but not last night while trying to wind M down and get her to bed.   Daisy didn't really budge, Billy just got cozier under the covers.   Usually, I tell her, "Down" when I'm finally ready to get up.   She looked at me, and crawled up onto my chest instead of jumping down from the bed.   I get her down, go into the kitchen to feed the pets, and Daisy jumps up on M's bed.  
Daisy is a beagle.  She's not one to miss a meal.   Friday a.m. was not yet morning early, SUPER early so I could have M to the studio a ways away, predawn, in time for their scheduled first news hour live television filming.  (Which was fun!!)   Friday morning, Daisy seemed surprised, but accepting.   If her "grandma" wants to get up and feed her, and wow, a walk, too?  Who is she to complain.  Even if she didn't feel an urge to do anything on her walk for some time, argh, she was up and at'em with me.
Not this morning.   She didn't even come for breakfast, staying with M, almost as if to keep her from getting up and leaving.   I got a fair bit done, and coaxed Daisy for a walk.   LOL, even she is tired, she never turns down a walk, and didn't truly today, either.   She did, however, race inside for breakfast afterwards, likely thinking M had fed her while we were out (I had).   I knew she hadn't done enough, so yes, even with us running late, M wanting to get up on time and school and all, but just so zonked, I did take Daisy again.   She was happy, socialized with her dog friend a bit, and when sufficiently done, perked up when I told her that M would give her a treat if we went back in.   M's ready, Daisy sits by her and wags her tail, all normal and awake again by then, doing her jump/dance per M's command.
Yep, it feels great now at almost 5pm (had to squint, my glasses broken and this pc clock not changed).   Yawn, stretch.   Mini-ceili tonight, small party with live music, it'd be fun (ends early), or just homework.   M's riding.   She loves the barn, loves staying, I'm happy for all that, to hear in her voice how much she's enjoying it.
We have to work out this time change crap, though.   Blech.   There are the same number of minutes and hours worth of daylight, no matter what time someone calls it via a clock.   Not until a few years ago, did M EVER adjust when there'd been a time change, going thee entire "savings time" off kilter.   My neighbor couldn't even get her dogs up, today.   There are more rush hour accidents the Monday after a time change then, hmmm, I think any other rush hour morning, anyway, IIRC.  And, how the heck to get ourselves and our youth in bed on time, when it feels light and early, outside?
 I'd be happy if there was NEVER a time change thing, frankly.   We shift naturally with the expanding daylight, why manipulate it?   I cannot see how forcing all this havoc upon our bodies and our lives, is worth it.


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  1. Yes, the time change usually knocks me "out of kilter" for about a week...I'm with you on the "no time change thing" :)