Friday, March 23, 2007

some year I'll have a NICE camera

Some year, I'll have a nice camera:)  Right now, I can borrow M's digital one, sure, and I have.   Or, get disposable ones.  I've found fairly decent disposable cameras, yet, eh, they are still not GOOD ones.   PhotoShopManager has seen me lose cameras, use them until they are dead, and let M try out cameras and photo taking and otherwise been patient with our not real quality shots, attempts at other photo-related items, these past 6 years.  Always professional, laid back, nice, nice looking, remembered my name almost right away (somehow, that's neat to know and hear), and maybe only once those early years has asked for it again to verify.

Not that I realized it's been 6 years until a month ago.   PSM was distraught; he'd found out that the (very overpriced / twice that of the Starbucks in the same center) rent hadn't been paid via receiving the court summons for his boss, other indications of this shop closing, etc.   He'd just hired someone even, who had quit another job.   We talked a bit that night about options, work, etc.  Ultimately, he stayed for this last month, he'll get severance pay (instead of quitting), and take a months vacation in California.   He'd planned that, anyway.

So I dropped off two disposable cameras on Wednesday, not remembering the reduced hours he'd told me about (so missed catching them that evening before close).  There wasn't time yesterday to pick up my photos and disc, either, even if I'd planned on it.   Too much going on with dad lately, Doug and I working on things.   Today is this photo shops last day.   So, I took a few moments this a.m. to look presentable again, pink and black are good colors on me.

I had a few good moments with M on her recess time, while dropping off the now dry clothes from her dads that I'd washed, and a notice about her CTBS exams Monday and Tuesday (latest notice arrived after I took her to school).   I re-checked my hair I'd let down, which didn't matter for the light rain, soft weather.  Like usual as of late, PSM and I chatted briefly.  Frames and other previously 40% off items were already packed up.   He flies to Oakland on Tuesday night.   Oh, Blue October, I'd forgotten about these.... [photos].   Not great, but hey, proof I'll try to post here:)   He's gone to the 9:30 Club often, seems to know the name Blue October just can't recall their music right now.

"This is the last $25. you'll spend here."  He seemed down.  I pulled out a business card I'd made for myself from Bosses business card, with my particulars.   I hand it over to PSM, "If you ever want me to edit a resume, or provide a reference, let me know."   He's looking at the card.   "I'm not the (Bosses Title); I'm his assistant."   He seemed pleased, went to another table briefly, saying he'd like to give me his card, so I thanked him making sure to mention HIS (first) name, cuz, well, I figured he should know that I knew it.   PSM came back smiling, a big smile, giving me his card.  I put it into my change purse, as I really don't wish to lose it even if, well, we'll just see if he contacts me.   I'm real glad I could make him smile:)   Besides, it's a nice one.  (Admittedly, his last name, which I had not known, makes his full name the same as a celebrities, argh, so guess who shows up on an internet search, the celebrity. Giving a guy my number is bold of me, btw.)

Okay, here are some photos from the past whenever (I'll also try to put them into any particular entry they go with).   Some year, I'll have great photos, in addition to fun memories-type photos:)

So, after some deleting (identifying photos sigh, albeit ones M took may work, later), and some rearranging:

FIRST photo:  Christmas Cat Tree.  Captain is looking up at Billy (with the one green eye, one blue eye, hence the different look in them).

Second photo: Tinkerbell examining the lit Christmas "bulbs" necklace we'd put around her, while she sits under M's lamplight.   (Remember, she's mostly blind, so light stimulation helps her.)

Third photo:  My mother's birthday-dance at Bubba Gumps in New York City last December.

Fourth photo:  M in New York City inside the newly-opened M&M store.

Fifth photo:   Daisy enjoying her doggie-Valentine's cookie (with M nearby).

Sixth through Ninth photos:   Blue October!!!!! with M and me, from the "sound check party."   (Yes, thee first I've posted of me, snuck in behind others here...)  Photo 8 is the best, and happens to include their lead singer (pre-show makeup).

Tenth photo:  M and others from The Barn, while taking a short break from clearing trails at a local park for the horses.   Hmmmm, maybe next weekend would make another nice time for that.

Eleventh photo:  M joined by three friends at M's Big Show.   She was SO happy to have them come!

Twelfth photo:  The debut of the solo dress -- M, and two dance troupe friends, in their solo dresses at a St. Paddy's gig at a local nice and fancy country club.  



  1. I love all the photos.  I know that this sounds silly, but you look like I imagined that you would. You have such a friendly smile and there is a glow about you that says interesting person, well worth knowing. M is adorable and I love the solo dresses.--Sheria

  2. Well at least one of you have one.  Great pics.  You should put up more.  ~ Mike