Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting

Ever "watch" a drama unfolding and feel almost helpless?  My coworker's sister attends Virginia Tech.  The sister is fine, thankfully.   Some of her friends were in the engineering building where the shooter had his second rampage (or, I think that's the latest word).    Coworker has relayed the initial shooting of some guys girlfriend and then hearing more and returned from lunch alarmed to hear of 20 dead, and then 22 dead (including the shooter) and 22 injured, then 28 injured......   hopefully, it's stopped, being that the shooter is also slain.

Coworker's day started off with coffee on her white blouse, bad cold so cannot help with her grandmother's chemo treatment later this week, and is not doing so well now emotinoally right now.   Sigh.   I have talked w/ her some, inadequately but. 

I've visited VaTech.  One of my best friends attended there, for pre-vet stuff, and it's one of the schools M's thought of if she persues a vet career.   Except she wants to be a neonatalogist now.   I also visited Blacksburg to watch my sorority sisters on their campus run a charity event that I was in charge of at my university.

My day today is much better...... windy, M with no school due to power outage.....

Just praying for the people there and the families, as "what happened" unfolds.  

Update: aol refers to this as the worst in US history.  I overhear Coworker as she talks with a sibling, surprised and seemingly more shaken to open an e-mail from their (estranged?) father that appeared to have been from her brother, but at least the dad is checking about his daughter who attends Virginia Tech.   I don't know that history.   Coworker says it's up to 29 people dead, not injured, but dead.   I'm sure all of you can read about this in the news, as Coworker is.  How utterly sad.   Thanks for the prayers, even for the family of the shooter, for all of them.     I'll see my missy M in a few, with almost constant communication, lol, and that's good just such a stark contrast to this tragedy, really.


  1. Keeping them in my prayers too..have a good week!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  2. OH I seen this in a another blog <<<TRAGIC SIGH>>>> Watching news now, just tragic. My thoughts are with all of them now involved.

  3. I have no words,just numb. And praying.

  4. Beyond comprehension. Get a relay over here in the UK, and it's not pretty. RIP the fallen.

  5. There are no words to say over a tragedy like this. I'm glad your coworkers sister was all right. I've watched the news off and on all day, hoping for a slice of understanding, or even a reason.....nothing so far.
    Sad sad day.....

  6. Tragic!