Thursday, April 19, 2007

1 year anniversary

Today marks 1 year since I started this whole jouirnaling aka blogging thing. :)   I have learned a lot.   I've realized that I'd get more (quantity) loyal readers if I segmented my various focuses, one journal for this, another for that, yet that's not me.  Instead, I am comprised of these various (random) threads that make up the whole fabric of my life.  And, I like who does read:)  I started online journaling (blogging) as two of my friends had aol journals, and I missed getting my thoughts down.  I rarely handwrite anything any more.  I've made new friends I'm grateful for knowing:)   Heck, I've even meet blogger Mike V I'm Going Sane in a Crazy World  in real life when M and I happened down his way.  I've read some really good stuff.

I was chosen "Guest Editor" one week in November on a day I was really busy.  This was before I had any clue what it even truly meant, and shortly before  (the then-)Journals Editor Jeff was (update) laid off along with about 500 others (sorry, Jeff, for wording that incorrectly!).  (Here's his personal blog I enjoy reading:  And I Am Not Lying, For Real )  It was great to highlight some journals I really liked, and I learned a lot from the experience.

Then, returning Journals Editor Joe kept my journal up as Featured Blogger for a while during which he worked to reconfigure the new AOL People Connections Page.   Fun at first, I admit, I was relieved when it finally came off, as if I wasn't on quite the public display any more.  Still public, but not the same feeling that hindered my comfort factor in writing. 

I've been part of Carnivaol  CarnivAOL™  (fun way to explore a variety of best posts / favorite journals.)  I've voted for others to receive best blogger-like awards 2006 VIVI AWARD JOURNAL.  I didn't even know there were these awards, or an AOL Connection page, or Journals Editors or message boards devoted to this "J-Land" stuff (never liked the term "J-land").  I'm learning to become more comfortable referring to this asa "blog."  I've figured out a lot of the basics of AOL journaling.  I can insert photos! and change fonts and add links.  I know what a tag is.  I laugh when the "visitors log" resets itself yet again.  I guess I could get fancy.  It'd probably be fun to learn:)  It may be too distracting from just getting my thoughts from my head through the keyboard; I'm not sure.  I'd LIKE to learn how to insert photos in a "big" way, in the middle of text (or maybe in the "about me" section even), and videos not just the link.   I KNOW there's an icon for 1 year journaling, but I wouldn't know howto add it! (or how to get it).

My "style" is still evolving.  I'm glad that I made this one public, for it's how I've gotten to share ADD/ADHD information, and obtained more, and met other blogging friends.   Being public, however, means I can't just spout off, or list everything.  I intend to start a personal journal also, one I can have family view, including M.  (I actually started one but deleted it, uncertain just what I wish tocall it.)  All neutral or positive comments (no dissing my mother for example, even if we've done great with each other lately! wow, or venting that child support is 3 weeks late), adding names and dates and stuff that I have to keep confidential on here.  I'm not sure yet how disjointed that will feel for me to have two journals/blogs.  I have gotten comfortable enough to finally add photos of myself on here, and some more specifically of M.   The private journal will include more photos, perhaps not many, but I won't have to screen out the ones with, say, my dance group's name in it, etc.  I'll give it a trial run:)  (If you wish to be added, please just let me know, thanks.)

So I'm not a wet behind the ears freshman on here any longer.  My "new" boss has been here almost a year.  M has grown MANY inches taller and is in middle school now, BJ and I are good friends, the aquarium still isn't set up (setbacks and no longer of as much interest).   I've learned what an Oireachtas is and am so proud of M (an O-what???).   I took M to a DC nightclub (oy but great).  Another year gone by.  I've caught snippets of my thoughts, our moments.  It's still evolving; I'm starting my sophmore year now:)   I feel good here.  Community spirit even,which I may not have gotten if I'd had this be private.  Thanks, all.  

p.s. -- the photo is from the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Japanese Street festival last Saturday.  M and I have cherry blossoms painted on our faces and are standing in front of a pink pig with wings parade balloon. :)  That was a first, also!


  1. I don't know if you need more than one journal, that's personal taste.  I would say less information per entry would make it more "swallowable". ~ Mike

  2. I think everybody goes through a similar process, Robin. Interesting.

  3. Congradultions on the one year of journaling! :o) It is a learning in progress. :o)

  4. Happy 'Blogiversary'! (blogaversary? I never know the spelling,lol:)

    I like your journal, and like the way you write,Robin. Looking forward to more!!

  5. Hey, thanks for the compliment! One thing to clarify: I wasn't fired -- it was a business decision to lay off a number of people -- at least 500 that day. It happens at big companies all the time. And your being Guest Editor was part of a regular weekly program we ran there to make sure our users got some attention -- wasn't about anything other than that.

    I think we'll run into each other in DC somewhere yet ...

    Keep up the good work,


  6. Yay! Happy Anniversary on Blogging! I think it is so good to blog , emtionally. I love the pig!

  7. happy anniversary to your journal.

  8. Thank you for the nice comment in my journal. I look forward to reading more of yours. Paula