Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This Week, Last Week!

More upbeat "slushpile" stuff can be tackled now, eh? :)   Various things I've been scrambling thoughts on in my head I mean to write upon:  Now to just feel more upbeat again, and find time to transfer thoughts onto blog.

Cherry rain.   Yep, that's how I describe last weekend.  It started off with a "Sakura" aka cherry blossom, parade and wow, a great Japanese Street Festival.   I even have photos to add!  The rain mostly held off, light rain only until after the festival, then pouring.  And, the wind.  Are we chasing or running with the wind, Daisy? The wind so strong and loud, it came as a roar over the woods, sounding as if a huge ocean wave coming to crash down upon us.  We raced with the fallen, blowing white petals down the road.  Power out at M's school and a few others, Doug's work off and on.  I almost drove over a tree limb barely visible at dusk.   Yes, Big Storm hit Maryland, also. 

Taxes.  Wow, I impressed myself even by completing my Federal and Maryland state tax returns and dad's automatic extension, and mailed them, by yesterday.   I didn't even go for the 2-day extension if needed for "April 16 storm" delay, which DID delay me from completing them on Monday.   My dad's a retired CPA.  He always did mine until he couldn't due to beginning dementia problems (then I'd let him as he wanted to believe he could, but go over them later myself).  Paperwork is very difficult for me.  He knows the date April 15th as well as his and my birthdate (somehow he is not so clear on other basic dates, like my brothers birthdate, or current date).   Turn around to be filing HIS extension.   Even if Doug tells me Maryland may have been due Monday after all (darn  oh well, what can I do NOW?)   I have more to do, tax-wise, but this felt good.

Avoidance from filling out the financial aid application and taxes over Easter weekend.......  But I WAS productive with a lot of things in a majorly ADD way:)   Also, either being very organized or not at all, combined with wanting and benefitting from organization yet difficulty doing so myself oftentimes.

Maybe a mention of STILL not receiving child support due April 1st and hating to charge groceries and argh...... ok, mentioned:)  lol  I don't get caught up with money unless I don't have enough to do what I need to.

OIREACHTAS or in other words, Oh I REACH To A Star!   If I'd known that before December, maybe I could have remembered more readily how to spell it:)  Southern Region Oireachtas will be in Atlanta in December 2007, and ,yes, before Big Show, M was asked to join figures again:)   Lineups and see who is close in heighth to whome and what figures groups, was held Monday.   M and friend L may both be in a 4-hand, 8-hand, and choreography!!!  Ma does great choreography.   I wish to write more thoughts on why DD (and I supporting her) is staying with her school........  yeah:) 

I have a quick note" red-headed woman."  lol.   Meaning, a new radio station in town.  Or, a newly revised one that made my day yesterday:)  94.7 "the globe" (could be but I'm not positive).  WEASEL IS BACK!   Very exciting, a local legand really.  Started listening to Weasel back in the eons ago days of the original WHFS / 99.1.   And, Cerphe (pronounced Surf) is there, too!   I've always liked Cerphe.  YEAH:)   Tuesday, the "eclectic lunch" was brought to you by the letter "R."   Hmmm, I"m Robin asking for China by the Red Rockers!  Not clear if that was played (but I chatted with dj Schelby and she played that on the air.   Bruce Springsteen plays a great "Red-Headed Woman" song, lol, saucy one of his I've not heard previously. 

Hey, AOL Journals Editor Joe gets away with simply listing HIS "slushpile."  Can't I?  :)


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