Friday, April 20, 2007

In The Mail and Turning 13

In the mail, is one pink ticket and one yellow ticket.  One for each night of M's upcoming recital.   M is in both nights, with her performing troupe, which includes one night for her class (she's moving up from just after the recital, finally), and one night for her 4-hand figures team.  I smile, happy to know the tickets arrived.   I always help out, anyway, and this time that means I got the tickets free oh yeah!

That's really good, as NOT in the mail yet was April 1st's child support check.   I'm not so happy about that.

Daisy doesn't care, wagging her tail just to see me home, enjoying a brisk walk in the, wait, is this warm sunshine.   She's eager to stop and flirt with Colt.  Inside, after dinner, of course Tink anticipates her kitty treats, two of the last few.  I'm not ready to stay in tonight, feeling almost restless.  It's bright out, warm.   I may just have to visit Target before the reshowing of Grey's Anatomy I didn't get to concentrate on last night.   Kitty treats I can afford.  Cat's don't comprehend if I was out of treats, or food.   I counted out $15.80 left, and have a gift card I earned.

I tack the tickets up near the postcard with the set list for Sunday's ceili (dance).

In the e-mail, Mom confused which weekend M's recital is, asking if there were still tickets for either of this weekend's shows.   Another e-mail explains how to stilll get tickets, phew:)  Mom thought she'd be too sick still.   I'll drive her.

In the e-mail, is a notice changing the time for one of M's two school play shows.  We'd asked the teachers to please change the time so M could also participate.  Both play shows were scheduled the same dates/almost same times as M's two recital shows she'd already committed to.   Now, probably too late to include M in the play, the time for one is changed.  I forward it to M and ask her.  Not sure if we'll get to talk this weekend or not (C usually refuses us contact, in any fashion, if he can help it).

In the mail today is an invitation to a local school's Scottish festival I've yet to get to.  I do support their booth at the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival.   Now, where was the invite to my former sorority's open house event that same day?   I haven't been in that house since before I graduated.

In the mail Tuesday was a letter from (my) Mom to M.   In Monday's mail, was the invitation for Md's sleepover birthday party Saturday night.   The first thing M always checks out is the date and whether or not she is with me.  Md is already 13 (wow to even think it and type it, many of M's classmates have already turned 13).

Last year, M thought she'd be going to Md's sleepover birthday party.  C often won't let M attend birthday parties for M's friends, but it sounded like this time, it'd be a go for at least for part of it.   Instead, even though they were down in Md's area, they just drove M back to their house never saying a word (per M who said she didn't feel she could ask or bring it up).  M didn't feel able to even call Md and say even last minute not to worry M's not able to come now (which I also heard from Md's mother). 

M's getting stronger, slowly, as she gets older, in asking them.  C even told M this year that he understands it's probably the most important thing going on this weekend for M (her horse event Sunday C is not letting her attend, but even this talking with her like this is new for C).

M was SO excited this morning.  "Last year, Md said they made TWO movies, and it was thee best ever party," said with hopeful expectation for THIS year.   The boys stay for several hours but not overnight.  This is a big social event for M and her friends.  Apparently, as Md said that Si could also join the party for a couple hours or so, to not feel left out or be away from M TOO long, "and Dad and Sh can just go out to dinner or something" that translates into M being able to attend Md's party (she assumes for overnight, too).   I didn't comment; M had found a way to get herself able to go (she *thinks*) and was happy.   "Maybe let your friends know not to mention the Barbie doll to Si."  "Oh, right."  M brought in a Barbie doll for "bungee jumping" with the various math groups.  Even if M hasn't played with Barbie's for ages, M decided to tell her friends that this one is Si's Barbie.  Barbie's head popped off this week until J pushed it back on and now Barbie doesn't have a neck.  "They think I owe Si a Barbie doll now."  (C has typically hated anything girly, anyway, especially anything like Barbie dolls, but Sh has gotten Si some.)

M's been preparing Md's gifts for a while, all cherry-oriented except the card and bag we picked up Monday.   She verified where they were before trying not to use up ALL the hot water:)  Then, M gathered them this morning after confering with me if she had any outgrown jeans to put the cherry applique on for Md, and butt sizes.  Despair, "I have no butt!!"  My family tends to have bums not to be, um, even remotely confusable with J-Lo.  M is fine, Md and their friends are fine, yet I ask M, "When you're 45 like I am, do you want a butt like mine, or like the sizes that most of the other women you know who are 45-ish."  "Okay, maybe better shape." 

At school, we're behind J's family van.  M seems glad, even if she may be losing her crush on him.  M slid on her backpack, grabbed the bag with freshly washed clothes from her father's, I love you's, and she and J walked in to school together.  

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