Monday, April 23, 2007

Morning has broken....... God's recreation of the first day.

"Morning has broken, like the first morning.

Blackbird is singing, like the first bird.

Priase for the singing, praise for the (ringing? [in of])

God's recreation of the new day."  -- Cat Stevens (I may have the exact words a touch off)

Yesterday early morning had a slight chill in the air.  And birds singing and vocalizing.  Probably every bird in this area in the spring, including a few distant geese (Canada geese?) and an owl who perhaps hadn't gone to bed quite yet.  I'd hear a few, then another bird of another species would start tweetering.  I was reminded of the song I list above, and sang "my" song along with the other birds.

Sunday morning.  My step-niece was confirmed in church, my church, where I'd been accepted as a member 31 years ago.  I suppose that was my confirmation as well, whatever the terminology.   Step-niece also attends my former high school (her dad, my stepbrother, did for only 1 year).  Mom, Bob, and I joined my stepbrother's ex-wife (whom I'm actually closer to than to him), and Step-niece.  It was rather nice to be able to re-introduce Mom and Bob to some people who matter to me there at church, as they'd not been since M was in Vacation Bible School?  Newer wing even.  I knew a few of the newly-confirmed youth.  Step-niece was both happy but embarrassed.  She's had two good friends more away recently and a good friend from church not there, and she's very attention-phobic, anyway.  Tis okay that we didn't then take her to lunch as anticipated.   We had a guest speaker from "high up" in my demonimation, speaking of tGod's 5th miracle, sight being given to the man born without eyes / sight.  Recreation.  Open your eyes.  Etc.  I liked it, actually.  My mother didn't appear to care for his style, but she enjoyed the music, composed by one of our members.  Our Senior pastor announced his departure after 14 years, and hey, his youngest is a graduating senior, great kid, maybe it is time to move along.  Change, transition, re-create, per God's will.

I'd wished M could have joined on this glorious morning and day, yet happy to think she was at her somewhat best friend's (Md's) home, or hopefully so.  I'd texted her Saturday evening, so not to disturb her but to get in touch.  Then again, C tends to take her cell hpone away and/or not let her use it when on visitation with him.   She'll get it.  (And, honestly, I do wish for her to have time for a relationship with her father, too.  Not sure if she'll be able to complete a confirmation class, as it meets weekly (unless C allows her attendance when she's with him).  Time will tell.)

In another state, a friend whom I know from when he attended my church, was the speaker for his church's "Creation Care Sunday."   He is also their "Science and Nature in Christian Perspective" teacher.   I'd sent him happy birthday / earth day greeting, and he responded, in part, "meaning I will get to (have to) teach not just once but twice on my birthday.  Pray for stamina ..."

I had to re-bag some of Dad's trash bags for they'd been gotten into.  I retrieve the recyclables from just those bags.  I don't go back through all of them.  Such waste, yet he really is best served via use of small, manageable, not spoilable or as spillable, containers.  Dad loves the outdoors, always took me hiking, etc., has no problem with the concept of recycling, yet doesn't quite grasp it sufficiently to separate his recyclables out when bagging up his trash.  It's just not ingrained as it will be for our children's generation.  So, at least he's bagging up his trash:)  Even what I eat is different from him, except we both loves our fatty dairy items and tons of citrus fruits, lol.  I include a few non-meat entrees in with his food each week, however.  (Dad had declined being driven to my place for a nice bath, so I washed his feet and legs after clipping his nails, him declining to even wash himself further, face even.  I thought, okay, I am nowhere near Jesus here, I'm simply caring for my dad who needs this and, well, he's my dad.  I wish there was more money, that I could do more.   Finances are depressing me.  His cherry tree, dead (which M suggests should get cut down, yes, it should, but I can't, physically speaking, and there's not the money to pay for it).  I glanced at the yard he'd always cared well for.  The forsythia still blooms yellow, the crocuses gone, yet, the crabapple tree is starting to bloom magenta.  I can't recall when I last saw that tree actually blooming.

I felt rejuvenated after the ceili:)   Various bits.  I'd baked my potluck contribution on Saturday when I had the oven going, anyway, yes, gasp, I turned it on AND USED IT, twice as feels too wasteful not to take advantage of an already-warm oven.  Live music is usually great and it was, even if taking a few extra moments with Dad had me running late (of course, time with Daisy inbetween).   Skirdagh Set is not one I've done before, but it's easy enough to learn, and, as my partner said, complex enough to be interesting.  Just four figures, all different, the last one a waltz.  The next dance was a waltz, and I told the man I was fine with breaking it and him waltzing with his wife.  Instead, his toddler ran up to him.  "Or, perhaps father/daughter."  I have fond memories of waltzing with a young M.  This man then danced about with his daughter, holding her high at times.  One dance instructor and her husband had their precious newborn there:)  Corofin Plain set with E, who'd spent a tempting day on his boat Saturday ah sounds nice, other dances, finishing with Clare Lancers, of course, this time with T.  T is a really good dancer who also improvises and makes everything fun.  We were tops across from E, and my corner was KuteGuy.  This gave me a chance to talk briefly with him, again, too.  His partner young recent college grad, whom he walked out with, slowly, approximately 2 inches from each other, lol.  Very sweet and I'm happy for them.  Ahh, but stress relief for me, physically, mentally.

Home to Daisy, whom I'd decided I'd let spend as much time outside as she wished.  Sliver of moon, spring air.  Everything's been budding more lately, some bushes so fragrant, some trees showing only minimal signs of previous (freezing) burn.   The magnolia's are blooming.  I noticed, from the first warm Saturday morning, until Sunday night, so many more of our neighborhood's cherry trees have popped out their pink fluffy pom-poms.  Lots and lots of pink blossoms.  God's re-creation.  Thank you , Lord:) 


  1. I have always loved that song...

  2. That is one of my all time favorite Cat Stevens songs...I also like Joni Mitchell's Chelsea Morning! I love how music can cause time travel in ones own mind!


  3. Always loved that song...and him. :o)

  4. This song is actualy a Hyme I used to sing at school and I have always loved it.I am going back 50 yrs now,to the time I sang this in school assembly.Thankyou for the comment you made in my journal.To hear the birds is wonderful all nature is wonderful and so was Cat Stevens version of what I will always call one of my favoutire Hymes.God's Recreation too true..I cannot see the younger up and coming generation of England re-cycling. Today ther trash can is the streets,they don't even know what a garbage bin looks like. Ther Motto is IT DON'T MATTER JUST SCATTER.Grrrrrrrrrr.Which I am so annoyed about in todays day and age........I have done two postings on this subject.I enjoyed visiting your journal today,a very interesting posting.I will be back to read more.Have a lovely Day Take Care God Bless Kath