Wednesday, April 18, 2007


SO that appears to be the final number, 33 dead (at Virginia Tech).  Each person shot three times each, other than, presumably, himself.  I heard that one of the survivors had received a potentially fatal wound but used his former Boy Scout training to have someone assist him in tying an electrical cord? around his leg as a tourniquet to keep from bleeding to death.*  I heard that one of the victims had escaped the Iron Curtain, is a Holocaust survivor, and, on Monday, went into action, barricading a door with his own body, so that his students could escape (including jumping out of windows). 

Youth from my church, whom I know and care about, who attend VaTech currently, Megan A., David C., Liz H., Nick W., Craig C., and a recent grad who has stayed living in Blacksburg, Mary S., are physically safe and were not harmed.   I felt relief seeing this note from Youth Pastor, and request to join in prayers for all the victims and the families and anyone dealing with this tragedy.  Virginia Tech is within local regional consideration for us here in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.   Heck, a high school boyfriend felt compelled to call and check on me, I suppose just feeling the need to reflect upon his life and those he cares for.  (We've stayed in touch somewhat over the years.  I've known C since we were both 14, but I didn't date him until college.)

Coworker's sister is physically safe (Coworker was scheduled to be home in mid-Virginia yesterday and today, anyway, so I personally have not heard if her sisters friends are alright).  A message board buddy''s stepdaughter is physically safe, and back home in northern Virginia right now.   Two other message board buddies have nieces who physically safe, too.  (One is refusing to return to school.)

However, there are still 33 dead now, 33 who are not okay.  I had much I planned to blog about this week, but my heart and mind go back to this tragedy foremost.   I'm too visual to have watched the televised news, seen the violence via videos.  It's troubling enough.   But, I pour over The Washington Post, and AOL's news, and MSN's news and talking with people. 

More and more information has come out, the notion of a girlfriend involved long gone, instead he's rebuked communication and touches of social interaction from what I've read, yet the girlfriend concept was explained why they thought so at the time.   More and more photos of those now dead.  Someone watched current President Bush speak, relayed he looks tired.  I joke thatit's from the long commute from DC to Blacksburg (NOT far), but then add I'm sure it's touched him, too, anyone with kids or family close in age to the victims.  My one nice a freshman (elsewhere), two more going next year...

Those photos, those stories, getting international attention.   I feel for and pray for the family of the shotoer as well, primarily for his sister, Sun, tho also his parents.  It's difficult enough to have a loved one die so tragically, so seemingly without sense; I'm sure many friends and family are crying out WHY?  It's hard enough to see the faces on the news again and again and again (even if it appears that many of the families have taken time to find and provide fairly good photos by now).   A former coworker of mine was one of the first victims of "the" snipers in the DC area, and I'd see the face repeatedly in newspapers and on television, even a year later for the anniversary, and it's like a slap, a sad reminder.  When Dougie died, his photo and story were all over the front page of his local city paper for a couple days, and his sister was interviewed on the television news.   It's also difficult to have a child or sibling whom you've loved, most likely tried to help, watching him grow up from a newborn to an adult, hoping he gets help if and when needed at either work or school.   (The shooter, Seung Hui Cho, apparently did have an acquaintance (or his parents?)  get him into a mental facilitiy in 2005 as a suicide risk, and staff at VaTech were recommending him for counseling, teaching him one on one, etc., but no direct threats so difficult to actually force him I think from what I've read??).   But, then, to love someone and to hear not only of his death, but his role in such a horrendous shooting rampage murder-suicide......  How many will mourn at his funeral, except those left behind who have loved him "forever," and God.  I admit, while my heart goes out to everyone, truly, it primarily goes out to the shooter's sister, Sun-Kyung Cho.   {{{{{Sun-Kyung}}}}} 

For some gestures of support, the US and other flags are at half-mast.   AOL/AIMmembers can changetheir buddy icons A Tiny Gesture of Solidarity for Virginia Tech, or Virginia Tech Support (Icons & More).  And other journalers have...... (to add here but saving this first so I don't lose it).  UPDATE:  Hey, Pharmolo, you read this too soon!  lol, just trying to add your post (of several).  Others, please go here:  Virginia Tech info which also includes a guestbook link.

* update:  His name is Kyle, from Bowie, Maryland.  After a performance at a local senior center Wednesday, a friend relayed how her nephew is good friends with this guy.   And also knows one of the girls who jumped while her professor blocked the door from shooter, the girl's fall broken by bushes and she's injured but alright.



  1. It's been a terrible tragedy, Robin. I've got the VT logo in my sidebar.

  2. So very very sad!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  3. I got my buddy icon switched for the time being.  IT's so tragic, just tragic.