Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"nice turnout" (a little dance video)

Found this quick video on an Irish stepdancing forum.   One commenter said "nice turnout lol."  Another suggested dresses.  :)  Hey, they stepdance better than *I* do!  YouTube - Arby's Chimps  (forgive the ad, enjoy the laugh)

After the initial cute video, there are links to some other Irish Stepdancers, or see these links of others I've gathered along the way:

Great traditional competition Irish stepdancing, first soft shoe (ghillies) then hard shoe. YouTube - 25th World Irish Dance Championship Girls 13-14 years 2.23 min long  Typically steps can't be filmed "live" in competitions, so not sure if this was official or what.  It does not include any full dance from any particular performer, which likely protects the particular schools steps from  being copied (learned) as readily. 

Same World Champsionship competition, older girls:  YouTube - 25th World Irish Dance Championship Ladies 17-19 years

Or, see this one with traditional figures dancing of the "ThreeTunes."  I've learned this particular "3 Tunes" dance once upon the time with my main ceili/set dance group but we don't execute this nearly as beautifully:)  Also, stepdancers jump and kick higher, and point their toes more, than the dancers in my ceili / set dance group do.  YouTube - Irish Dance 3 Tunes

Two individual dancers videos :YouTube - Elizabeth Claro - Irish Dancing Champion from a competition, and then YouTube - Colin's Reel from a party.

This nice video is from last years Western Region Oireachtas.  The champions of each age group come perform a short bit individually, a "step out.".  Note the fancy solo dresses "costumes" for the girls.  I saw some very "original" solo dresses at the SRO (Souther Regional Oireachtas) last year.  Girls can design their own dresses, within "reason," at this level of competition, or purchase them designed from someone else, or used.  (M's is used, and she's not at THIS level, but at Prizewinner level for some dances, just needs to compete more starting withmore feisana.)  Note that the wigs tend to be "larger" for the girls at this higher level, also.  And, yes, boys and girls must keep their arms straight down, and their backs STRAIGHT even while kicking that high.    YouTube - WRO Parade of Champions 2006

I like this dance, really like hearing the hard shoes best, just wish this video wasn't quite so dark -- YouTube - Cashel Dennehy Accapella  

This 30-second video is a "collage" of dances that captures some of the excitement that can be felt with Irish stepdancing and performing:  Portraits of Ireland  The drum that starts off this clip is called a bodhran. 

Or, catch this one:  The Rhythm of Ireland Dance Company then chose your "player."   Another nicely done, 35-second "college" of Irish stepdancing / performance.  The musical instrument shown in this one is a bagpipe.

And just to finish this entry off with another fine hard shoe dance:  YouTube - Burke School of Irish Dance - Wheeling Celtic  Oh, yeah.

No doubt there are several other great Irish stepdancing videos out there!  Dance for the joy of it, the spirit.  Such as these young ladies dancing an 8-hand in beach sand with waves and seabirds nearby:  YouTube - Irish Dance At The Beach


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  1. I've seen some dresses in all kinds of dance...uhm So Fancy you barely watch the dancer.  Not good in my opinion.  Those children are so talented. ~ Mary

  2. seraphoflove9001May 9, 2007 at 11:50 AM

    Oh I loved them! Thank you for sharing them! :o) I'd have to say that my favorite ones are the hard shoes....I love the sounds! :o) The costums were so beautiful as well! :o) My mother in law loves to watch step dancing. :o) I'll have to show her these clips! Thank you. ;o)