Friday, May 18, 2007

Moon Walking (it's back!)

Perhaps moon walking never truly disappeared, but, it's back!  One Mother Addicted to Irish Dancing (MAID), the "other M's" mom,  has reported seeing at least two moon walking steps in a row by at least two different competitors, at feiseanna during their competitions! 

One of the more, shall we say "Less Conforming" youth dancers in M's Irish step dance school has known moon walking and does a variety of expanded moves along with her Nationals-qualifying more traditional ones.  Her former very traditional Irish dance TCRG was not so content with this expansion of LessConformingGirls non-traditional additions, especially in feiseanna.  Hey, her mother's a college theatre arts professor, her father, hmm, not sure but he also writes and enjoys visual arts.  LCGirl is a delight, and no doubt a mite of a challenge to raise even with creative expression encouraged in her home.

LCGirl has shown the moon walking dance steps to several, including to M, and taught them to Orange-Haired Boy.  LONG orangish-red hair, btw.  It's a style that's both stylish and suits him.  OHBoy has been in M's performing troupe and will be again next year, also.  I've mentioned him previously (not sure with what nickname)..

Last Fridays gig was another international night for another one of the thousands of Maryland elementary schools.   Most children and some adults wore native costumes.  The entertainment program included two other excellent dance troupes, one Korean, the other "representing the spirit of Senegal and the Ivory Coast."  WOW and REALLY WOW!   It was to be a short timeslot for M's dance troupe / ID school.  Two beginning dancers at M's ID school attend this elementary school, performing proudly with Si.  One of the girls later looked so excited, shy but exihlirated to join the costume parade later, and announce "Ireland" as she unconsciously swung her borrowed Irish dance school dress.  The other girl's mother relayed how her daughter was so excited that Ma would let the girl perform for her school, in another borrowed dress, that she's now planning to stay in dance.

M's group was given extra time, and the audience cheered for more.  Treble reels are known by all advanced level Irish step dancers.  They stand in a horseshoe shape, "step out" one at a time and dance a hard shoe treble reel, then rejoin the horseshoe in their spot while the next dancer "steps out" and performs.  At the end, everyone dances their hard shoe treble reel together in unison.  Impressive; I love it.   Each dancer stepped out, including M in her turn, smiling big and dancing well.  OHBoy steps out, part of the way through his solo treble reel, and moon walks.  There's a combination of surprised laughing, and more so, cheering.  He continues dancing his treble reel, and slips moon walking in again.  OHBoy was wearing black "slacks" and the legs moved similar to how  MegaMAID remembers Michael Jackson moving.  No white glove:) 

I just knew TCRG Ma would not mind, not for a fun show like this.  Just wasn't sure if anyone had told her.  

Feiseanna season is starting up; there is added focus on fine tuning and perfecting steps in this advanced level competition class.   Ma wraps it up with practice on the treble reel, dancers forming their horseshoe, music starting.  The dancers are clapping, yelling out for each other "woo-hoo you go [name]," one at a time.  M was tired (and did NOT wear her new, better sounding hard shoes.).  I was pleased to see how well she danced in her other dances, such as the (soft shoe regular) reel.  She was not as strong comparatively this particular time in her treble reel.  But, she was practicing and having fun and seeing the steps others did, she's received 3rd place in treble reel once, and, primarily, she's having FUN.  Parents, including LCGirl's dad and OHBoy's dad, along with a few MAIDS and I had moved into the classroom itself, along the walls.  We were waiting expectantly to see what OHBoy would do and Ma's reaction.   LCGirl was right before OHBoy, but she didn't ruin it for him; she did not include moon walking in her treble reel.  OHBoy was particularly peppy last night, and he nailed that treble reel WITH the moon walking steps, twice, obviously choreographed and planned.   Ma LOVED it.  She was then encouraged to join in and dance, also, and then everyone in unison hard shoed a treble reel Ma told them to dance. 

It was like a party, everyone including parents smiling, clapping, supportive of one another (including the moon walking yeah OHBoy), during and after their dancing (but before their brownies for one girl just turned 12 years old yeah and they all sang).  THIS atmosphere is part of why M is in this particular dance school. 

p.s. -- V is having DancerJ join her at V's prom tonight!  I hope I see a photo from it!  I'm so happy for them, especially V, but I know he'll have a great time, also.   Not sure he'll get any more sleep than he did for his schools prom last weekend, coming in for a private lesson on about 4 hours sleep, still dancing, wow, great.  Just had to send a "shout out" to them tonight!  Wishing you both a FANTASTIC TIME!!!  

(M texted/IM'd with "her" J last night enroute home from dance, ah yes, child, if you didn't leave your notes around saying "I love J..... {last name]" I'd still know that you like him.  Then again, you were doing a lot of flirty give and take (mild punching stuff) with your otherJ when we ran into them at the store...  I'm glad it's limited to texting and immature flirting right now.  That is cute, left at that.  She's not going to any proms yet!)


  1. I always love your blog posts,Robin:)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I loved Riverdance.  Does it qualify?  The words Moon Walk always give me a bad Michael Jackson visual.
    I'm glad the kids are having fun.  I have seen some youth dance troupes get too competitive.  ~ Mary

  3. man, i wish i could have watched.  i can't dance a lick, but love to see others dancing.  it' in motion!

  4. seraphoflove9001May 19, 2007 at 11:18 AM

    Your descriptions made it really sound so beautiful to have seen! :o)

  5. I knew Ceili dancers named Dinny and Danny. I made fun of them, but enjoyed the music.

  6. I enjoy your descriptive powers; I can almost see the dancers. Perhaps you could upload some of the music to your journal.  I wopuld love to hear the music to which they dance.--Sheria

  7. Moon walking, LOL.  Now that's a blast to the past!