Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I can answer these questions!

I got this from Win  Crime Scene Investigation who got these from Dawn.

What were you doing at midnight last night?   Sleeping.  Most likely dreaming.  I've gone from dreaming about being in cities new to me, to last nights new dream of apparently having had a nice encounter with a great guy I know IRL, but dag I never dream about the "encounters" themselves (nor had more than harmless flirting with this guy, IRL, either).

Do you go to churdh?  Usually.  More often than most non-church goers but not as often as I personally believe is best for us/me.  (Okay, okay, you caught me.  We missed Sunday, and I'll go Sunday but we won't the following Sunday, but we are going tomorrow night!)

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?  Along with an allergy pill and an advil, apples with peanut butter and Nutella.  And the rest of M's ice water with fresh lime, and my chai tea latte, how I like it again (I have the right soyshake again).  M had asked me last night for apples and peanut butter for breakfast.  She'd remembered that I told her that eating apples apparently helps wake up people "better than coffee."  I forget where I heard that.  I forgot I had some creamy Jif which she'd have prefered over the all-natural ground peanuts I had.  She didn't even notice when I asked her, twice, if she still wanted peanuts and apple butter for breakfast.   Just how my mind said it.  It seemed to me at the time to be the same thing as apples and peanut butter.  God help me if I become demented.

Who is your Mature (Older man/Woman) Crush:  E.  No doubt or hesitation about that one.  For years now even, dagnabbit.  I read today that a man should take note that a woman may be interested in him, if she looks from his eyes down to his mouth.  Hmmm, I DO always notice a guys teeth.  I've even lusted over the beer foam on E's upper lip once upon a hanging out at a bar after some dancing event time.   He'll say he's too old for someone like me, he'll talk with me sometimes like an older daughter, sometimes not:) but we're good friends.   (Okay, I'll stop drooling now, lol.)

Are you for World peace:  As Win says, who the &**$ would say "No."!  I love peace.  Paz.

Have you ever been involved with the police?  "The" police?  Been ticketed, yes, dated/flirted with one (not very involved, though), good friends with another.   Reported someone, tried to report someone else but they wouldn't get involved in a "domestic dispute" crap on that I kicked him out with the apartment managers assistance (roommate, too, not sleeping buddies).    Eh, don't we all interact with other members of our community?  Or, define "involved" and "the" police.....

Have you ordered anything by mail in the past week?  No.  Thinking of one item, but no.

What did you want "to be" when you were a child?  Sometimes, a writer.  A mother.  Someone who'd always have time to spend some time outside.  To have more time in every day. 

How would you go about purifying your own soul?  Um, gee, well.  Talk with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, i.e., pray about it.   I really do need to give Him more of my time.  He's given me so much.

If you had to guess two people at work who were having an affair, who would you pair up?  Ha.  Well, I've been in that situation before (heck, the one guy celebrates his b-day today, I've been thinking of a lot of great memories, a long time ago, enjoyed a great (friends) chat).  Two other couples here had been but then married each other.   I know one who'd like to have an affair with Boss, but he's not, and she's respecting that.   I won't date Whiny Guy, nor has he asked but I believe that's due to his lack of confidence.

Take the third letter of your name and name at least 5 things you have at home that begin with that letter.  B.  Beagle, bagels, Bolivian woman's bowler hat (yes, I've been there), beads, bathtub and bathrooms, do those count?  Bowls.  Bras.  Balloon, a mylar one of M's that's finally dying enough that it's sometimes touching her floor in her bedroom and no longer enticing the cats with its string.  Books.  . 

Thought this questionnaire hadthe bummy bears or gummy worms question, also.  Guess not but I'm adding it:)  Someone's does. I don't usually get either, but today?  Dad's jellied spearmint leaves were on half price if I also got something, and the lime looking gummy worms and the cherry gummy worms just looked so much more satisfying somehow.



  1. now you have me craving peanut butter and apples and a chai spice latte.  enjoyed this entry, robin.

  2. How about sharing that latte recipe. Does it taste good? I like the gummy worms better than the bears. The worms are more interesting to look at and they are bigger, too. ha ha...Thanks for playing along, girlfriend! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

  3. thegirlnexdoor77May 15, 2007 at 3:41 PM

    Enjoyed your questions and answers...Hope you have a great week!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  4. seraphoflove9001May 16, 2007 at 8:42 AM

    I loved your answers! :o)