Wednesday, May 2, 2007


The letters were to go out starting Monday, inviting M and the other dancers to join one of the dance troupes for next year.   Some have to reaudition, but M and the others in her particular troupe do not.  The two main troupes are being reconfigured.  This invitation will tell M which one of the newly-created troupes she'll be in, meaning which week of summer camp, meaning which friends she'll stay with, which ones from the previous 2 years, she may be back with.

Is it really another dance year almost done, already?  When the studio M had taken classes out of was closing, we decided M (and I with driving), would give this year a test to see if she'd switch Irish step dance schools, or stay.   M had loved being in the performing troupe from that studio for 2 years, starting her second year of Irish stepdancing.  The changes were coming fast.  Ma asked us to decide with short notice about M accepting a position with one of the performing troupes in her main studio.  Ma said that the way M dances is just what the figures adju.... crap, the judges are looking for, and she'd like M to join one of her figures teams for Oireachtas last December.   Who is staying, who is going?  I hated to jump ship quickly into a new ID school and have that be a wrong choice.  

M went to camp last year, mostly, been in classes and rehearsals and feisiana and Oireachtas, and gigs, and more gigs, and another "big show," and a full weekend last weekend of recital stuff, and yes, even the death of Amy and her funeral last September.   M and I both knew, months ago, yes, we're committed now, this is thee best ID school for M's purposes and interests; we just LOVE Ma, and her style, and everything, and the community spirit is much more supportive and not the competitive feel I've seen in other ID school communities.   There is another ID school we'd consider (out of several options), but, like most ID schools, it focuses only on the traditional, not incorporating "world" music and choreography and etc., which is part of our appeal.  M's bonded more, and so have I, actually, with other parents.   A side factor is that Si has joined this same ID school, wanting to be like M:)   C has had to be supportive of M's dancing, now, this year, and that has helped on few levels.  I do hope that things stay improving.  So, M and I had our decision made previous to M being invited to the figures teams again this year for December 2007 Oireachtas, and before saying that yes, M is interested in staying in one of the performing troupes for next year.

Yet, next year seemed so far off.  We weren't to hear of the new placements until after the recital, which seemed far away when first announced.   Even last week, we were still so caught up with dress rehearsals and class photos and such, and the dancers working so well together as a team.  M did sub in for the other troupe some, in dances she'd done in previous years, and in general rehearsals, as she was available to fill in.  Ma has noticed this, even moving M up to the next level (regular) class, as L's mother says, "FINALLY!"  Yes.  Finally, sheesz.  But, Ma had her reasons, M did get more attention for a while, and we bid our time.  Ma speaks well of M, even grades M well when she gives her biannual eveluations.

After a rehearsal for the new "next year's" figures teams earlier this week, L and M were hugging each other, "I hope we'reon the same troupe next year!!!"   Yeah, me, too.  And with K (who had gotten into her mother's vehicle already).  Now, it's not just which week of summer camp, which we need to know inregards to Ian's wedding, but who will spend all the rehearsal and gig and choreography and planning hours together, and who will see each other only in other ways.  L and M will do some other dance things together, and socially, and I'm fairly certain we'll stay meeting up with K and her family, also.  Just , now it's anxious / hopeful time.

M told me that I could NOT open the envelope if it came yesterday, which it didn't.  I wanted to visit Dad at lunch today, couldn't (but will tonight), so will just have M open up the mailbox today.  Soon, we'll know.   Ma's pretty good about these things, so I know it'll work out.  Still! :)


  1. seraphoflove9001May 3, 2007 at 5:05 AM

    Wow...I hope for the best! :o) That really sounds like alot! :o) And alot of fun too. ;o) I loved to dance when I could. ;o) Good luck!

  2. As they get older, I think Si will look up to M more & more~ Dad will wind up honoring that, or he will look kind of silly(which I think he looks already). ~ Mary