Friday, May 11, 2007

Springtime at The Barn

Tuesday, my first skirt day but with heels and hose, I didn't really mind helping M groom Corey.  So pleasant out and, nicely, no need to rush.  On the way to dropping M off at school, early for once, I laughed to see a white horse just rolling about on the field, legs up high, tail swishing.  He reminded me of one of our white cats, rubbing his back and just enjoying himself.  Corey was much whiter again after M gave him a bath, including his formerly manured-filthy tail.  I'll include a photo I took after I get it on a disc, after Corey was bathed and conditioned and fly-sprayed, and before his mane, tail, and fetlocks were trimmed.   I had horse treats and peppermints.  Corey flared his nostrils to smell them.  He then stuck his entire big head through the fence slats, ha, which I pushed back out.  It beats him cribbing (chewing on the wooden fence).  
We'd made a trip to a closing tack shop the night before, with them out of whatever grooming hair grooming gizmo "probably only 65 cents" item.  We ended up getting Show Clean (not Show Sheen)  for clearance price of $9.09.   Still needing the 65 cent item, lol; I gave her a budget, though, $20. max can I do this week.  
Last week, she helped Barn Director bathe the hooves of two horses in some bleach solution.  I asked her various questions about it, her teaching me.  I love that M has grown in her practical knowledge and skill set there. 
Most of this year, M was assigned to Chance, who is challenging.  Barn Director is impressed with how well M's progressed in her riding, Barn Director is sometimes a bit hard on M to try to force her to stay at that level and keep it more natural and ingrained.   Chancey is the one M needed the grooming tool for, I think.... ah well, she was asked to take care of Corey that afternoon. 
M is riding Sage some this week as his main rider is out of town, and, well, Barn Assistant who would work Sage up and quit.  I liked her, and will miss her, and hope to find out just where she and her now pony grown from a foal, Petey, have gone to.  (I'd like to know what precipitated that, also.  It occurred at an all-day horse and picnic event a few weekends ago that Mcouldn't attend as she was with C.)   M is there for another year, maybe longer, but that's when we'll reevaluate.  Right now, The Barn is her favorite place to be (even wrote a short paper earlier this year about that).  She goes there after school.  It's been good for her, mostly,particularly in the rough times when she was reacting to the stress of the (custody and child support) court battles.
Around back, the contractor had finished replacing the broken glass panes for M's class greenhouse.   He caught me in conversation, eager to show his work and relay more details.  I think he enjoyed this job, and takes pride in his work.  I like that.  I included M when she finished exchanging her paddock boots for sneakers, so she could relay info on to teacher Mr. L.   Except she's forgetting details so I'm to send an e-mail.  It's on my mental to-do list.
There is a mosaic being created around the bottom of the greenhouse.  M was SO disappointed not to get into the photography "creative expressions" group; she's always been interested in anything visual AND photography.  Instead, she's designing, breaking pieces, placing them in grout, and painting and sealing in the colors, for the mosaic.  M did seem pleased to show off to me just what parts she's done, including many swirls in purples, and I happy to see it.  (I hope the photo of that also turned out!)
Perfect temperature outside yesterday, not hot, not with a chill.  Blue skies, white clouds, slightly windy, duplicate of the day before, really, just a touch more humid.  In the morning, M said she could smell humidity and that she had her light jacket with her, as we both  felt the beginning of moisture building up in the air.  My bangs decided to act out just between home and work, not helping the grey/white parts look chic.  I even wore a skirt, again, very pale legs without hose, feeling almost liberated in the sun and breeze.   M said she rode Sage again for her lesson, a good boy.  Chance is usually who M rides "officially," but she's worked him well enough that others can ride him now, also. 
It was a nice rain late last night, a lightining in the distance not heavy drenching rain here, not some light misting, but real rain-rain.   It felt great walking Daisy in the rain after M had felt inspired to entirely rewrite a couple paragraphs in her "literary analysis" paper.  Yawn.  The cloud cover softened this mornings light, the rain dampening down the pollens.  Trees are pushing out their new leaves.   It's warming up.
M is eager to "go up to The Barn" again this afternoon, daily this week which she doesn't often get.   I had wonderedif she wanted to come right home today, relax, take a break.  She has short gig tonight at a schools international night.  A couple girls from the dance school attend there, Si will join again, we'll meet up with K and her mom enroute, fun time. 
But, this afternoon?  Tis May, after all, magnolias almost done dropping their blossoms, lilacs still scenting the air along with a "sweet bush."  Perfect weather.  Spring and fall are perfect days for hanging out at a horse barn.  Working hard there is a form of relaxation for M.  She's even remembering to take socks with her on days she insists on wearing flip flops to school and not her sneakers.  
She's happy. 

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  1. seraphoflove9001May 12, 2007 at 7:55 AM

    The barn really sounds so peaceful and such a nice place to be. :o) I love horses and loved riding them when I could. :o) I'd love to see the pictures of her art work too. ;o) I also do mosaic as well. It's beautiful no matter me. ;o)