Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh my gosh, did we just talk next year??!!

I didn't even realize until this morning, as I showered at E's, using some of the body wash I'd gotten for my father that he didn't use up and thinking of him.  (I still do NOT get why that one social services woman told me that I shouldn't be the one washing his feet.  Um, and why not?  I am his daughter.  I washed for him whatever he needed, whenever he couldn't, even if he usually could except sometimes it was harder for him to get his feet.)

My mind wandered, naturally.  E told me again last night that he is surprised that I think that my brain ever shuts down and that he sometimes feels as if he's trying to catch or keep up.  He's a smart man.  It's more that my mind jumps about in many directions, quickly, in ways that may seem utterly random to another.  It just works differently than his.  So I teased him that I apparently can't play tic-tac-toe with him when I'm tired, as he actually thinks through his moves.  Bob Seger sings that a woman never really knows a man until she's made love with him.  True, but play tic-tac-toe, and you know a lot more, also.  E's a strategizer, a worthy (read fun for me) competitor, and we look forward to playing more board games together.

And I thought of us hanging out last night with friends after rehearsal, chatting about a variety of things.  Three classmates had showed up, thinking it was a regular class time, and another would have except she's a friend I'd talked with earlier in the day.  Communication has been, well, lacking.  One guy wants it limited to announcements during class.  We have great information for that time frame, but we really still need the e-mail notifications, heck, our end of year class party is coming up and people are asking when it is.  Yes, I made handouts for class, but nothing's been e-mailed.  I know I need it visual, and jot it on my e-calendar.  Anyway, I brought up that next year, class night conflicts with M's dance schedule, now that she's a preliminary championship dancer!!! (one friend there had competed as an adult -- second place in her reel!).  I've been talking academic and dance class schedules for M for next year, for months now.  It seemed normal to talk about next school year, and now I know that I can't be there for announcements for my main dance class, nor do I wish to miss out on information and non-class activities.  I want the e-mail notifications to resume.  "Then again," I motioned to E, "He can always tell me what's going on."  E smiled, "Yes, I will keep you informed."

We were both so tired last night...... "you know Daisy is welcome here any time."  And, more importantly I suppose, "I'm glad you're here, anyway."  "Me, too."  This morning, as E got out of bed, his guest bed as it's darker in that room which I need so he moves his alarm clock in there for us to sleep when I'm over, he gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek, and again as he left for work.  I could stay sleeping a bit and still have time to take care of Daisy and my feline babies, get some rice from E to put M's "thrown into the pool argh" cell phone into, and get on to work.  I like how he looks in his white dress shirts (always white, from the cleaners), and dark pants and tossled out of the shower hair, so I turned from the pillow to look up at him. 

E started asking me M's summer schedule within a couple weeks of us dating.  We've been putting that more into real planning, now.  But, next year?  Oh, my.  But, yeah, probably so.  And, that is not something I'd normally go speculating.  I've been single for so long, even my last local boyfriend was SO, that ended the day M and I got Daisy (just a coincidence) 5.5 years ago.  It just feels natural to be with E most of the time.  (Hey, no one is perfect.  We've been open which can be scary, but.)  Comfortable enough where Memorial Day late afternoon, after a sunny walk and such, we just lingered silently for quite a while together (M was at "Al's" pool party; picnic at my mom's was the first half of the day).  So natural, it just seemed an assumption for both E and me, that he would keep me informed of next year's details.  :)  Then again, words are just words.  The "meat" is what's behind them.  It still seems good, though.  And real.  He's not a player, and I think I'd like to stick around a while.



  1. Love that he strategizes he next move in tic-tac-toe, though I have to say it's the kind of trait that's endearing (E-ndearing, in this case) at the beginning of a relationship and probably no so much later on down the line...Such is love, though, isn't it? You get the whole package, the good, the bad, the OCD...

  2. onecrabn3lilfishMay 28, 2008 at 2:18 PM

    I think the fact you have known him for so long will work to your advantage. Its nice to make future plans.  Just don't completely rely on them.  That's with anyone.  You never know but I think you have a great thing going.  :-)  Glad E became single.  He was probably waiting for you.


  3. Well, well, making plans for next year is a good sign!  He sounds like a winner,  he welcomes Daisy, takes an interest in M and is glad you are there...yep, he's a winner!

  4. Hey Robin, I just stopped by to say Congratulations on being chosen as Guest Editor's Pick. Love Pam xx

  5. Ok, the social worker is odd.  Would she be coming over to wash his feet in your stead?(thinking not)  Each time I left the hospital with Dad after a "serious" stay there(he lived with me), they'd try to re-teach me how to give him a sponge bath(which I'd already mastered), so that includes feet;-0.

    E's already a granddad, a good man you've known for years, & he's secured a receptive female who has been enamored with him for some time, so if he doesn't have some hugh hidden issue, he'll stick around.

    Briege wants to know how he feels about the cats?(she's radiating earnest concern over here)

  6. You are cool and E is cool, so that makes you one cool couple. Yeah, I see the comfort in the casual references to next year. Nice, very nice.

    Congratulations to M for the accomplishment of preliminary championship dancer.--Sheria