Monday, June 2, 2008

AOL journal glitch

Testing, testing. I can't seem to access my AOL journal, other than to view it. There are no options for "edit an entry," or "add an entry," or even "add authors," not that my journal's concept would work well as a shared journal. UGH. So, testing via aim if this works or not.........
Oh, yeah, NOW I can get an "edit" link, via the AIM! YEAH!
I will remember that, for next time I'm logged in, as me, Ceilisundancer, and aol is flaking out (it'd be different if it had an area on the journal for me to log in there but, it doesn't right now. Weird.)
UGH, no, it's a link to this journal entry, with options to get back to the main "public journal." But, still no way to actually edit, add, delete, whatever. ARGH. I have two entries I wish to write up, too. Naturally:) Ah, well, life could be worse-- have a great day, all.

Update:  While not able to even access a place to "sign in" to my AOL journal, while logged in to my aol (not aim) account / SN, I COULD do that when I open up this AOL journal simply as a regular web link (via Explorer, I'm pretty sure).  Bizarre, but, at least it'll work for me now.

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