Monday, June 2, 2008

Good Feis Day, part 2 (in M's own words)

"Well on to a new topic:  IM A CHAMPION!"

I'm quoting M on this one.  I had a version of this half written in my head.  Then I noticed that M had written this.  It works, except I don't think I exactly squealed... and I am altering the names to those I've created, to be less identifable.

"It all started out yesterday at the [name] Feis.  L and I both needed one last first to move up to preliminary championship.  We are both pumped and ready to dance.  We dance our 2 hand and then our reel.  Next is the slip jig and thats the one L needs a first in.  We dance it and she looked EXCELLENT!  Everything was so fluid and she looked really good.  After that we danced the treble jigs (the dance I need a 1st in) and TCRG Ma was able to watch me dance.  After we come off the stage Ma says that that was excellent and that she would give me a first !! :) 

Well, after we danced Treble Jig we went up to check scores for the reel but mostly for the Slip Jig.  L had won!  She was now a Preliminary Champion!  We were all screaming and hollering and telling every [dance school] dancer or parent possible.  I was so proud of her cause she really deserved it and she looked exceptionally good. 

Treble Jig results aren't up yet so we continue to tell people and holler while we are waiting for our Hornpipe.  The stage that our Hornpipe is at is going slow so we decide to check the Treble Jig scores.  I see what I think was my competition # (realize i didn't have my glasses on) and I see what I think is my # as winning 1st! I get all happy but then realize it's competitor # 176 not mme, 175.  Then I get my hopes down.  Then I hear my mom scream and squeal.  I HAD WON THE TREBLE JIG!  I WAS A PRELIM!  I race out of the room and scream at L, "I got it!! :)"

Now everyone is all excited cause not only had L got to prelim, but I had, also.  :)  Then of course we ran around telling everyone that we had just talked to that I was now in Prelim!  L and I were so happy and we were so happy for each other because now one of us wouldn't be left in Prizewinner by ourselves:(  But instead we were on Cloud 9 b/c we BOTH were in Prelim!! :)  I can't even explain how happy I was and still am.

Anyways, for all the other dances it was L, #312, and me that were all neck n' neck for the top positions so since L and I were already in Prelim (and our legs and feet were hurting [M had big blisters]) we decided to sit out of the Hornpipe so that #312 could get her last 1st in Hornpipe so that she could move to Prelim.  She and her mother were so thankful for letting us give her daughter a chance and it seemed to have boosted #312's confidence by a lot.  L and I felt really good about helping her out a little and it ended up that #312 won the Hornpipe!!:)  Everything felt really good and now all 3 of the top competitors were out of the way to let another dancer have their turn to win that last needed 1st :)


with lots of stars and smiley faces and a ya!


  1. All of this must involve a prodigious workload.
    Being happy with social ostracism at present I'd hate it, but she seems to be absolutely thrilled.
    Oh, just admit: YOU SQUEALED. ~Mary
    Ceilisunsquealingmomdancer? It works for me.

  2. I think M won which is great.  Although I'm not 100% sure since the different perspective threw me.  ~ Mike

  3. To clarify:  Yes, M won.  There were five competitions mentioned.  M and L danced together as partners for the first one.  Then they were scheduled for four more solo dances solo, and firsts in all four are required to move up to the next level, per their Irish dance school (which is more stringent then the Southern Region rules).  L needed to win slip jig in order to move up, as she'd won first in all the others on previous dates.  M (competitor # 175) needed to win treble jig in order to move up, as she'd won first in all the others (including slip jig), on previous dates.  Competitor # 312 is from a different school, and only needed a first in their hornpipe competition to move up to the next level, having previously won first in the other three required dances.

    So, they all THREE won, each winning first in the exact solo competition that they each individually needed, so they all THREE got to move up to the preliminary champion level.

    If that's any clearer:)  So, thanks.

  4. Hurray!!! :)

  5. Of course you squealed, you were rightfully proud and excited for your daughter! M writes well; she has your talent for descriptive detail. Congratulations to the champion!--Sheria

  6. Congratulations....nice to hear it in your words Champ!!!