Monday, June 30, 2008

1 week 2 go -.-

M texted me that this a.m., "1 week 2 go -.- "  I'm not sure yet what she's doing at her dad's house this week, but it made me sad to see this.  I do wish her to be happy there, to have a good relationship with her dad, and yes, I've told her that I wish her to enjoy her time while there.  At least they no longer take her cell phone, so that she can text.

And, once her dad's g/f and I and the radiology center can coordinate a time for a followup test for M, I'll see M then, too.  (It's "female" related, so a) I'm not discussing it on a public forum but she's okay, and b) she wanted me to be the one to take her, along with C never expressing an interest in taking her for ANY medical appointment ever.)  That was her first text, i.e., that I'd woken her up (ha, um, sorry), then a wait a minute type moment, and then a text that if it's about her appointment, call the house phone, which I'd intended, anyway.

I also saw her on Saturday at an outdoors feis.  A fun feis, co-run along with a good Celtic Festival, just hot, muggy, and thunderstorms (which did cool things off when they came through).  E was good to take me there to see M, awhich she seemed to need, yanno, just mom's support, that mom came to watch and be there, like any kid with a parent, and yes, we enjoyed some of the festival as well.  I even relaxed some ha, briefly (I have SO much that needs taking care of right now in my life).  Note -- Gaelic Storm, and Enter the Haggis are both AWESOME!

I have and do keep myself busy, I truly do want her to have a good time there, but gosh I also do miss M.......  Daisy will go nuts, too.

And, on this Sunday coming up, she'll be home.  Oh, she wanted fireworks, again, for her birthday; Independence Day is her favorite holiday.  We'll still do something fun.



  1. Thanks for stopping by 1,2,3, - Good Lovin - The Young Rascals. Sorry you can't stop humming the bad. DSM Arts Festival (Stands For Des Moines) Arts
    Festival..Hope you enjoyed the memories. If you get a chance stop by the Blog.

    Love the company

  2. Well I am hoping all goes well for M with her medical issues, keeping her in my thoughts & sending good karma your/her way.  Glad you got to see her at the feis.  I can imagine it is difficult and you must miss her terribly.  Soon she will be home again...enjoy your 4th.

  3. Glad to know that M's okay and I totally get it that she would not appreciate a public discussion of female related troubles! I'm sure that she misses you too. Sunday isn't that far away, E can keep you company. Oh, and get some more relaxation! You deserve it and whatever you need to take care of will still be waiting tomorrow to annoy you. In the words of Scarlett O'Hara, "After all, tomorrow is another day!" Be good to yourself--Sheria

  4. Sorry I haven't been by...just swamped.
    Hope M is home now, and things are back to normal :)

    Love to ya both!

  5. Glad to hear that she is okay.  ~ Mike