Thursday, May 15, 2008

John Edwards supports Barack Obama; M in NOLA

This isn't news to those who follow news, but it's noteworthy.  M's favorite Presidential candidate back in January was John Edwards (she liked Bill Richardson as Vice President).  John Edwards even garnered votes in the recent West Virginia Democratic primary while no longer a candidate himself.  I wonder how that states voting would have gone if he'd just given his announcement a day BEFORE their primary election, instead of the day AFTER.

Anyway, I'm excited at this latest endorsement of Barack Obama, which I think shows more solidity of the Democratic party for one thing, and I appreciate, and agree with, John Edwards' words about Hillary Clinton even (that she's made the part stronger for her running, x y z).

(I also noted on Tuesday, May 13th, my father's would have been birthday, that it was announced in Chicago for some reason I'm not aware of, the city of Dad's birth, that Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans, became the latest [at that time] super-delegate to announce his support of Barack Obama.  Just found it interesting the timing and locations of all that; M left for New Orleans with her class that day.  FYI that they arrived last night, after a 26.5 hour train ride ha, so today is her first full day in NOLA.  It's bright and clear here, and supposedly rainy there.  She'll still have a blast!  More on that later. 

 I should actually depart E's house, take Daisy home, feed the pretty kitties, and get on to work, eh, just making sure to NOT use a work computer for any of my political stuff!  Oh, but has MY local Congressman, superdelegate Chris Van Hollen, yet announced whom he will support?  Nope, at least, not that I've heard yet, and I'm on my county e-mail "list serv" for Obama supporters, so I think I'd have heard.  I DID note that Martin O'Malley, our cool state Governor, has ceased sending out e-mails in regards to Hillary Clinton.  I respect anyone's choice for President; I just happen to disagree with him that she'd make the best choice.)


Oh, I should find that video, being E's computer has sound / speakers......  maybe I could finally HEAR it...........


  1. Thinking about it, I don't always respect everyone's choice for President, but I do tolerate dissent~feel it is important to read & consider almost all dissent, actually.
    Happy Birthday to Dad. ~Mary

  2. Ah, yes, Mary noticed the exactness of my wording.  I should clarify -- I support and respect everyone's right to support the President of his or her own chosing.

    And, yes, happy birthday indeed to my late father who of course I thought of tons this week, even on Mother's Day with M and I visiting my mother and stepfather, and trying to focus on getting M ready for New Orleans.  The day after is when his absence and her absence, hit me more (even while knowing M herself is having a trip opportunity of a lifetime).  I'm reminded that we got Dad a lemon meringue pie last year, but we celebrated more another day....  etc. etc.

  3. Happy Birthday for your Father~~
    Edwards certainly held out on his support for some time now hasn't he. I would say, especially in this race, holding respect for other peoples choices in this race is the right thing to do, just not always the easiest!
    I hope you're having a beautiful week,

  4. I am ashamed to say I am not following the politics closely this election.  Personally, I don't like any of them but found more & more I am leaning towards McCain unless someone can give convince me otherwise - to me, he is the lesser of the evils.  Sad way to look at things huh.  I hope M is having a blast in NOLA, I had a ball when I was spent a week there...I think...LOL (those were my wild days so much of it was lost at Pat O'Briens but I have an awesome glass collection ;) )

  5. Happy to hear that you and E are still doing well. ~ Mike

  6. What irks me is how often I hear people make choices from the most uninformed basis. Get to know the candidates. Understand the issues. Read the paper, listen to NPR.  There are a huge differences between Obama and McCain, the idea that anyone would "lean" in one direction as if they're choosing between Frick and Frack is appalling to me. Find out who you agree with and vote for them.
    I tolerate informed opinions. Uniformed ones, based on vague impression and sound bytes are not worth respecting. You might as well stay home if you're going to make voting a roll of the dice. It's very easy to strike a pose of "they're all idiots" because you're too intimidated by the process of informing yourself and getting involved.  Democracy is such a precious gift. Use it.

  7. I was a John Edwards supporter early on; I stayed with him until he withdrew from the race. I think the timing of his endorsement of Obama could have been better but I really appreciate his words about party unity.

    I get what you mean; I try to respect people's right to choose even when I don't respect the choie that they make.

    Hope that M has a fabulour time in New Orleans. I haven't been since Katrina, but have fond memories of time that I spent there in the summer of 1993.--Sheria

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