Tuesday, May 20, 2008

she's back....

M secretly texted me, "Hey we r back!!  Luv ya and will c u soon! :)

That's normally their lunchbreak time, so I texted her back.  I included asking if she wanted to go riding this afternoon.  Nah, it was pouring rain then, and, um, colder than in New Orleans ha, and M really wants to just SLEEP.

I went onto the Amtrak website and had figured out that they likely left on the 7:10 a.m. train yesterday from New Orleans, and arrived into Union Station about 10:10 a.m., then gathering their luggage, et al, and getting back to the school.  Tomorrow, she'll sleep in, orthodontist, and re-begin life at home (with no school, supposedly for the students to rest but methinks that the teachers will need it, also!).

I am eager to see my Cinderella, eager to hear all of her stories! and see photos.  At least, I hope she took some.  I bought her (charged her) a new memory card for her camera.

And, E was off to his boat this morning, after we spent a few hours obtaining me a rental car (comedy of snafu's there, including at the very end, me having left my housekeys in his car, and not being able to figure out the wipers for almost 5 minutes while driving in the rain).  I may see him tonight at a mini-ceili last class of the year, but I will likely spend that time with M, instead.  I have enjoyed a week with E, even liked the Speedracer movie, really!, that we took his two local grandsons, "the boys," to see (Daisy really liked "the boys.")  Dancing, a lot of things.  It's been good. 

Yet, I teared up seeing M's yearbook I couldn't wait to purchase and hence picked up yesterday.  Photos of her, little and big graduate ones, the congratulatory notes from my mother / Bob, and from me.  I miss my big-little girl.  I'm so glad she's back, and home soon!

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  1. I'm glad Daisy is good with little kids, Briege succumbs to apoplectic fits with them
    :-0. I don't know the weather there, rainy here.  I appreciate rain soaked boating actually. I also appreciate little Speedracer boys. ~Mary

  2. Glad she has arrived home safe & sound.  I bet you are anxious to see her.