Friday, May 23, 2008

it's Friday

So many good intentions for the day, but gosh, it's Friday.  Of Memorial Day weekend.  It's sunny outside, bright and a bit breezy.  (I'm wearing a sweater; M's wearing capris and a t-shirt, and flip flops I complained about and she insists are the ones with the most arch support of any of her flip flops.  Sigh.)

E called me last night from his boat.  His sister, a war widow, had gone to "the" hearing yesterday on "the" Hill, then was maybe joining him last night or this morning along with her granddaughter, et al.  It was windier last night, and E described the pub near his boat.  Ah, I've seen it, remember, E? albeit he took me at Hemingway's instead, a more romantic spot.  I've missed him.  It was so nice to hear from him, the updated details of the boats preparations for its trip, including the generator working last night (okay, he's not cold).  He told me where they were headed today about dawn (yawn!!!); I made mental note, repeating its name in my head.  E told me the nuances of the waterways.  I have no clue where they are going.  Ha, I don't remember but I think it's three syllables, and I think I know the last syllable.  My memory is mush sometimes.  It should be a grand day, though.  He is closest to her of his five siblings, he has two kayaks again, and she brought some as well.

He asked if he should let me stay watching the end of the 2-hour Grey's Anatomy season finale.  Oh, no, I'm doing both -- it was great to get his call.  He's the best, after all.  Shortly after my one-word neme, I realized that what I should have written for E is the word "best."  E is the best man I know.

M has a feis class tonight.  It'll be good to leave here early.  The few people here are leaving midday, anyway, except perhaps for Boss who'll be in from meetings in a few, and staying, well, a while.  He gave us an hour off early.  Not sure if we'll see Si there tonight or not.  M said she'd been going nuts not full-out dancing while in NOLA.  She was still rather tired Wednesday night, back up for things last night.  She's missed enough classes, going tonight should really nail it for her. 

Sunday should be fun; that's how I'm looking at it.  Our favorite feis, a big local one.  The different (larger) local Irish stepdance (ID) schools pitch in, and M and I will help out again this year.  She'll also compete.  She wasn't in all prizewinner dances last year, and now only has one left at that level.  This means she stays dancing all of hers at the prizewinner level, however, so she should do well.  (Last year she won this trebel reel, too, so?!)  THIS year, little Si will try dancing Treble Reel, also, but it'll be a different age grouping than M.  It'll be a whole different ball game when M moves up to preliminary championship level, so I'm glad she has this first big feis of the year, at her favorite one, at THIS Open Prizewinner level again.  Being away a week and re-focusing now, well, she's looking great!  She needs her treble jig, and for soloing at the Oireachtas this year, she'll be dancing reel and hornpipe.  This means her slip jig is likely getting the least attention of her four main dances, yet as I watched her dance her slip jig last night, I was impressed.  She's grown so much, not just physically taller, but as a dancer.  I'm so proud of her; what a fine good dancer she is, meaning, yes, she danced a great slip jig, IMHO!.  And, having her half-hour private with L to review their 2-hand dance, helped a lot -- the last bit was a focus on M's treble jig, and L's hmmm, I think slip jig is what L has left.  (YEAH L got one of her last dances at a feis a monthish ago.) 

Mom and Bob will come as they don't miss these for M; E stays promising me that he'll come.  That is so sweet of him, but I do understand if he didn't.  I've tried to explain a feis to him.  I'll like seeing him, though:)  Maybe even Saturday night, his mom's birthday.  Maybe we'll ALL hang on Monday, as in, at my mom's.  Hmm.  Or, if not?  Rolling Thunder will be in town D.C., and we may go down there as well.  Clean the house some (find usable things for a coworker's daughter as their home burned down, horrible, all are safe phew).  Plant flowers?  Something.

Graduation is in 2 weeks.  "In My Life" is their graduation song.  "Who Knew" came on, my song for Dougie; I told M that it's the song that Dougie "gave" to me.  She asked me if I'm going to cry when they sing it.  Sing it?  Dag, yes, whatever they sang, as M's years there and growing up and leaving will have me cry, anyway, but really so with this song, yes I will.  Next week, M's class presents "New Orleans" to parents.  I have her hair cut scheduled, we have two potential graduation dresses but not yet the shoes, we have a good-bye gift for Mr. L (gotten months ago, an L.L.Bean NOAA weather radio), and for Mo (a gold and green-beaded bracelet with bangles of various peace symbols, overpriced but otherwise perfect), and her girlfriend with a birthday this weekend (oops, not taken in to school today.....).  They've been working on their graduation speeches.  I only need to change one of M's classes for NEXT year.  We even have a good idea of her Irish stepdance classes next year, and a lot of the summer figured out, with openings........

Granted, I'm working on donating my dead Blazer to my former high school's automotive program and seeing how I can obtain a new-to-me vehicle (w/ no money, oy), and got a call about Dad's house (ack), but.  Right now?

It's a 3-day weekend, and I can't wait to just spend it with my daughter!  Sunshine, windy, whatever.  Enjoy, all.


  1. Hope you all enjoy your weekend :)
    I'm working,lol, what else is new in the wonderful world of nursing,huh?
    ah well, at least I had the weekend off for the bike ride at the beginning of May, although I would've liked to see Rolling Thunder myself.....another year, maybe.
    Luck to M,too!

  2. Congratulations on being an "Guest Editor Pick"


  3. Stopping by via Magic Smoke--congrats on being a Guest Editor pick!

    I'm sure your daughter had a wonderful time in New Orleans--it's my favorite city!

    Enjoy your long weekend!


  4. Nice that he wants to take you romantic places rather than the pub.
    While working in Neuro we'd have folks with memory problems(not meaning severe, like dementia) who'd state they'd often remember things they truly cared about & found important in acute detail, but at times much less of all else.  Now, if E had been discussing a Feis, I'll bet you'd remember.
    Would you want something posted on The Giving Tree for the coworker's daughter? ~Mary

  5. Congrats on being a guest editor's pick! -Dawn-

  6. Congrats on being picked this week, enjoyed reading you.  love, Sandi

  7. congrats on being a guest editor's pick; I do hope you enjoy your weekend with your daughter; my son graduated high school last year and moved out just 2 weeks ago when we moved to a different city and he didn't want to come with us; they grow so fast; enjoy each and every minute you have with her


  8. Wow, thanks, all!  I need to find out who the Guest Editor is this week, and thank her / him!  I'd have tried to write something more, I don't know, succinct at least?  lol  Oh, and Mary, not that you're likely to read this, but I actually cared a lot about where E was boating, but I just couldn't grasp it very well.  I need a map, which I'll have to remember to ask him to bring tonight.  I'm too visual I suppose.  -- Robin

  9. Congratulations on being a guest editor pick! I'm so behind on reading journals, worked a 55 hour week! I've missed catching up on the feis and graduation and E--you have a lot on your plate but it all sounds delicious, especially E.  I just watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy on Tiveo last night. I am such a hopeless romantic, I was happy to see Meredith and Derek find their way back to each other! Good luck with the car replacement efforts!--Sheria

  10. Congrats on being chosen as a Guest Editors Pick!!  I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed your time with M, catching up on her trip no doubt.  Awwww, E is the best man you know....that is so sweet!