Friday, March 14, 2008


Timing. Little Si knows whattiming she needs, and when she can double with it and when she simply needs it faster. (She did that tonight, ha, with OHBoy playing fiddle. She got to wear her solo dress and looked great, exhausted but excited.) But, men? Sheesz.
Oh, M looked fantastic!, as did the other dancers. Ma asked me what numbers to do, this was following a big gig (fancy country club). I got her a beer from E, and she was there to ceili/set dance. We chose 3-4 numbers. Their timing ws great:) E sat near me, "I'm just blown away, I'm blown away." Yeah, they're fantastic. I loved M's smile, too. She seemedto be having a lot of fun, nice wooden floors, etc.
So, SO. We had to talk a fair bit in advance of this whole ceili due to logistics of the two dance schools. Okay, fine, ours was flexible. His girls new one, was less so. (He apologized.) We're fine. He asked about the parade tomorrow, and I relay what my main dance group's doing, as he used to be a member.
Talking w/ a girlfriend, she says, wait, you asked him tothe party? No, I just told him about it. SO tells me he's looking forward to seeing me, watching the dancers, etc. I barely noticed, and instead had gotten all excited that I'd also gotten E's cell phone #, and he'd written that it'd be great to see me and meet some of my friends.
I couldn't even think of C there -- as in , primarily ignored him but not in a negative way just generally, who was there, btw.
Nah, it all ended early (sound restrictions switched hours, and the coordinator who I swear may be getting dementia, is really never good at these types of details, and timing and such, anyway. So E walks over towards where I am, not quite there. SO was near me, with his ever delightful girls. I DO miss them still. I wish they could have become my stepdaughters. Anyway.
It's been 5 years, and SO asked me to dance once last month at big ceili. We haven't talked a lot, other than atROI feis, and when dad died, andthis weeksome. He gives me a hug, says something positive I forget, and kissed me on my head. WTF?
E saw that. Stops. And walks away.


E and SO are even dance friends. This is a setback for E and me.

Damage control tomorrow, somehow.


On the other hand, I'm thrilled Ma stayed and danced some, and MegaMAID, along with some of my main dance group seeing M's dance troupe perform. (The coordinator came over with a bigsmile, and shook my hand even.) I do hope to get a few more of them out dancing ceili/set dancing sometime, and this was a first step.

It's over. Tonight is over. But, shit, SO. what are you thinking?

I'm NOT going to screw up chances with E, b/c of SO. Or, I hope not, I don't intend to -- and HE hugged me, not vice vers

Timing. Sometimes, it's everything.

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  1. Wow, things are happenin' in Your world...sorry, haven't been able to get by lately.

    May 3rd,remember!!! :)


  2. I do declare, here lately every time I read your journal I feel the heart rushing exhilaration of a rollercoaster ride. I am so rooting for you and E!--Sheria

  3. When it comes to romantic relationships forming between friends, I think timing can be valuable, but I don't believe everything would absolve into dust because of a forehead kiss if you both truly are interested in each other. As a matter of a fact, it could even spur E on. ~Mary

  4. Ah yes the dreaded timing crisis...been there before myself!  As you say, damage control today.  Happy St Patricks Day to you.