Tuesday, March 11, 2008

follow-up to comments; today's mismash

Ha, well, yeah.  He IS a great guy:)  I wish him well, no matter what happens with us, but gosh.  lol

I really REALLY tried to keep it short, too........

I know when E gets his hair cut, or there's beer foam on his lip (which is somehow really sexy or so I thought that one buzzed St. Pat's parade afternoon when we'd sat next to each other some years ago), I notice when he gets new pants, or he's wearing the shirt that MUST be his favorite.....  that he tears the sizing patch off of the back of all his blue jeans, that he hunches a little but he's still a good size and height for me, and his favorite color must be blue, besides, they match his eyes.

And likely no one else I know would see a photo and think, HIM?  But, what do I care? 

Swooning in such a way that everyone notices, nah, but when it's just him and me?  I guess I can.  We'll see. 

If too many pick up on this, they'll start prying and providing their advice.  I don't want THAT pressure on him (or me).  But, he's fine walking out with me, and heck, that works for me.  I'm proud and happy to be with E, I just don't want the "advice givers."

Oh, and M's astronomy night Monday night was really good, too.  :)  Two hours of middle school science presentations, and her dad didn't even show, but hey.  These kids are awesome.  

Iin my dreams, I think I"m still swooning, lol.

Oh, yeah, E's classy as hell, but smokes some, drinks some, and has that black leather jacket and sometimes, when it doesn't matter, he doesn't care, when it matters, he does.  I like his perspective on most things. 

I think he was a geek in high school; I'm fairly certain it's something we talked about once upon a time.  I actually really like geeks.  I'm at the point where I want a guy with self-confidence (not too cocky, but self-confidence), and some geeks, heck some people, don't.  E has enough of all the above.

So, yeah.  :)

We shall see.

Now -- for ceili (Marc's comment):  Ceili = dance.  Or ceilidh.  Or that's for the social gathering form that often includes dancing, as dance = rince, I *think*.

Ceili IS also a girls name, more like Kaylee or such other spellings here in the U.S.

I had a screen name Sunfireflydancer, for sundance (my former cat and fav movie, and I added the er), and firefly, my daughter's favorite costume as a child and how wonderful she was in it.  So, I was called "Sun" by people online. 

So, I do both ceili and set dancing (both types of Irish dancing, just different forms), ceili is more progressive.  It's probably a gaelic word, or ceilidh is, or?

So, I had to keep "sun" in there, and sundancer, and added the ceili, for ceilisundancer.  :)

That's the short version.  lol

And, today that time change is catching up.  Sunday I still had a big smile on my face. I also got some things done and not as much as I intended but one big thing (dance floor picked up from friends).  I did NOT go to a once a month Sunday afternoon ceili at a pub, even while invited and I really like that one.  I think E goes regularly, and I don't want to suddenly appear everywhere he is if I don't, regularly.  Besides, I had to pick up that dance floor.  Those friends have started taking ceili/set dance lessons as well, OHBoy's parents.  The dad is much more interested in this than the mom is.  They'll come to my main dance group's ceili this weekend (OHBoy and M and others will perform yeah), and sometime, we'll get a group together for that particular ceili and it will feel more natural to be there.

Yesterday was, I think, "take a nap day."  TODAY I want it! 

Besides, today, M is sick.  We're re-checking her temperature now.  Dag, it's not working.  Her throat hurts and her head.  Usually even when she's not feeling well, she does not want to miss school.  She has no reason to not go to school today, heck, it's even J's birthday (her often crush now seemingly more just a good friend), and she'd not miss that.  I knew M was truly sick when she said she felt she needed to stay home.  Just NOW she tells me that a classmate had strept throat.  M is definitely getting in to see a doctor.....
I don't mess with strept (had it WAY too often as a child, and as an adult).

(Si, M's half-sister, came down with yet another high fever this past Sunday night, poor thing, and likely out of school yesterday.  Sh has been sick, also.  Note -- C is well and could have gone to M's astronomy night.  The doctor's office didn't find it too applicable that a classmate had strept throat.  Ah, a class of 18 kids and they're always there with each other, and the girl had it about a week with minimal symptons before she knew?  They went with "the sister has strept."  Um, okay, sure.  I hope Si doesn't have strept again, but we'll say she does if it means M can get tested.  M had a bit of a fever the day and night of her Cinderella play, which went fantastically, btw, I'm SOOOO proud of my Cinderella!!! (and E seemed disappointed to have missed ah well, I wasn't pressuring him by asking after he declined "Big Show."))  I want my missy well.  Too much crap continuing to go around.  I haven't been feeling well myself off and on for weeks now, but I figure my boss is tired of me saying I'm feeling sick.
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  1. Okay, I promise not to pry or offer advice but I will tell you that your posts about E have made me think of an old song that I like a great deal, "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered."  I like the part that goes "I'm wild again, beguiled again." You are clearly beguiled and it's quite becoming.

    Wishing good health to M and to you!--Sheria

  2. Robin, not wanting to show up everywhere he is? Afraid he'll think you have him on a statellite tracking device? ;-0?

    No, I won't advice give.  We are very different so trying to regulate you according to the dictates that govern my life would be dumb.